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World Dance for Humanity
2014 Report

Look what we accomplished together!

We are so grateful to our growing community of dancers and donors for your support and involvement in 2014! You have made it possible for World Dance for Humanity (WD4H) to bring life-changing assistance to the 20 communities we are serving in Rwanda, and lend a hand here at home.

Thanks to a generous grant from one of our dancers that covered our administrative costs in Santa Barbara and Rwanda, every dollar raised from classes, events, and donations went directly to our aid work.

  We are delighted to share with you this snapshot of our 2014 activities,
and hope you take great satisfaction in all we have accomplished together!


In 2014, we shared the joy of music and dance through our Dance Outreach program, making deep connections to elderly, infirm, and disabled folks in our community. Thanks to funds raised during Thriller, we were able to give $1,200 each to 3 local charities. The Westside Boys and Girls Club will use the funds to hire a Math Tutor for at-risk 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. They also sponsored one of our Rwandan students, Clarisse, and have a chance to get to know a young person a world away! The Santa Maria Boys and Girls Club will buy cameras to participate in a national photography contest. The AHA Teen Program will use the funds for their Creative Group, an after-school program that teaches problem-solving, compassionate communication, stress management, and personal accountability.


Thanks to the generous support of our dancers and donors, in 2014 we were able to send $89,666 in aid to our Rwandan communities, giving 10,000 people the means to improve their lives. We’ve seen a real shift in the mindset in these communities, as families begin to believe in the future, and work for sustainable livelihood. We are so grateful to our Rwanda Team – Program Director Justin Bisengimana, Assistant Dany Rukundo, and Field Intern Chantal Kubwimana – for implementing our programs with wisdom, skill, and loving, selfless dedication. Here’s a summary of the assistance we gave our Rwandan communities in 2014:
  • Livestock: We provided 162 goats and 7 full-grown, pregnant cows to our communities
  • Education: We funded 132 students for the 2015 school year
  • Small Businesses: We helped our co-ops start 4 businesses and buy 3 parcels of farmland
  • Training: We sponsored Business, Agriculture, and a Youth Leadership Training for our co-ops
  • Community Support: We provided 366 health insurance cards for AIDS patients, 150 solar lights, and paid for a series of operations that have enabled a blind girl to see.
Our plans for 2015 include continued support of education, livestock, grants and loans
for businesses and land acquisition, and training workshops. Locally, we will continue
to support youth programs in Santa Barbara, and brighten the lives of people in need.

Thank you for being part of our community and our work!

Click here for detailed reports on all of our projects

Here are some 2014 highlights:

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