3 Cows for Moo-rindi – Merry, Elsie…and Joy!

dance Joy 1

“It was such an exciting day and everyone was much happy. Their dance and singing really proved that cows mean a lot into their lives and their development.” Justin

The Murindi Cooperative, located just outside of Kigali in central Rwanda, was founded by 40 widows – survivors of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. Some of these women were raped during the violence and contracted AIDS. They formed a cooperative in 2012 with the goal of pooling their efforts and resources in order to stay alive. With our help, the community has grown to a population of 220.

These women have a lively entrepreneurial spirit and want to create a sustainable livelihood by starting a micro-dairy. Last July we raised $3,000 for the 3 cows they need to get the business going through a Causevox online campaign. We began with a wonderful $1,000 Challenge from the San Diego World Dancers, which was matched by Starr Siegele and Leslie Armstrong. The final $1,000 came from WD4H dancers and supporters.

The three full-grown, pregnant cows were delivered to the Murindi Cooperative in the outskirts of Kigali on October 27, 2015. Murindi women are so joyous, and so grateful for this incredible gift which gives them the foundation for a sustainable community business.

Joy front, Elsie back

“Joy” (in front) named by Leslie Armstrong, enjoys lunch with her new pal “Elsie” named by Sandy Stinson, Starr Siegele, and Janet Reineck in honor of her mentor Elsie Dunin


Lovely “Merry” named by the San Diego World Dancers after one of the SD dancers who died tragically in a car crash last February











1 Francoise
“I can’t wait to share this good news with my family and all or our community members. Very soon we start drinking and selling more milk from these cows as they are pregnant. My dreams is that most milk in our community will be produced by our Murindi women cooperative and I can feel it, and I can see it.” Francoise




1 Immacule


“Our friends (WD4H) have been transforming our lives ever since we started connecting. The development we are envisioning will be reached as long as we join our hands together with our donors. We thank them so much. This grandson of mine will be the witness of your kindness as he will be benefiting from these cows.” Immacule



1 Muhoza


“It is not just our economic development which has been improved with these cows – we are also taken to another social level. We are given another status. Our country is going to have us as different people – as farmers and businesswomen. I thank our donors for giving us a real foundation for our future.” Mama Muhoza




1 Leoncie
“We used to have cows before genocide but all were taken away. After the genocide, we had no hope that our lives would be reconstructed and we would be loved any more. Now we have a new family [Justin and WD4H] that care about us. We love you so much our donors. Having cows for us means something strong.” Leoncie




1 Beatrice
“For sure all our dreams will become a reality! We have been given a reason to say so. Greater things are yet to come and this shows they will happen. None of us thought we would have these three beautiful cows, so this tells us that even greater things will come. Having a cow means that we have capital to start a business, fertilizer for farming, milk for nutrition and a big value in our community.” Beatrice
1 Jeanne



“We have been saying that we are no longer widows, we have family members [Justin and WD4H] who love us and who cause our hope to grow bigger. I don’t know where we would be if we did not meet these generous people. Thank you so much!” Jeanne






1 Sylivie


“We extend our thanks to our donors for their great contribution to make this possible. If everybody was as generous as you are, the world would be a paradise. I wish we would return a favor to our friends, but we cannot make the right reward. God knows what you deserve.” Sylivie


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  1. Justin November 6, 2015 at 7:44 am #

    Changing lives involves many things and they don’t need to be very big. Cows are transforming many Rwandan lives.
    So many thanks to donors who make it possible. You made the right choice

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