40 Goats to the Tubehotwese

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!  goat red scarf cThe Tubehotwese Cooperative is a very poor farming community in the extreme northeast corner of Rwanda near the Ugandan border. World Dance is helping them get a foothold into the future through donations of goats and school stipends. World Dancer Sherry Robin is working with the community to help them realize their dream of starting a nursery school for local children.

These small but impactful gifts are transforming the outlook of these people, who can now envision a future for themselves. The changes have inspired many people to join the co-op, which has grown from 12 members in 2007 to 413 members today.

On September 11, 2014, Justin delivered 40 goats to the new coop members who generally have no land, no livestock, nothing to sustain them. The $4,045 for these goats came from Annetta, Betsy, Elizabeth, Haly, Jojo, Kathleen, Louise, Suzanne, Zoe, a Creekside-SoulBiscuit dance party, and World Dance class donations. Justin Bisengimana:

We are helping poor communities lift themselves out of their extreme poverty with the principle that everyone, no matter which social or economic status, has to own their change process and be responsible of it, this is how what we call ‘inside-out change’ is possible. We all were born with gifts and talents to turn the World a better place than how we found it. Some people seem to have no value in their communities because they have nothing to motivate them. Giving a goat to someone on a development journey is not something symbolic. It motivates them to use their gifts so bigger things can happen in their lives. A goat is very small in size but very big in meaning for these people.

Donors, we pray that you feel your significances in the lives of those poor communities. We are sending so much love to you who have graciously given your resources to help purchase these goats. Your contribution in this community’s life is precious to all of them. Thank you for your impact in their lives. Blessings.

A ‘thank you’ video from the community –

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  1. Justin October 6, 2014 at 5:01 am #

    This blog is really moving. It is very informative. Everybody who sees this including myself, can feel what a great impact World Dance For Humanity’s work is bringing to Rwandan communities.

  2. Justin October 7, 2014 at 8:29 am #

    This wok speaks for itself. Everyone can feel the impact of this work in the lives of these poor communities.

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