Faye’s Cow “Faye” – A Gift to Icyerecyezo

Faye Massey’s Gift of a Cow to Icyerecyezo

Faye Massey is making a dream come true for Icyerecyezo (“Vision”) Cooperative by providing the funds for them to build “Faye’s First Step Preschool,” set to open in February 2019. It will start with 90 children ages 4 to 7 who are too young to walk the 90 minutes each way to the government school. The entire community has been helping with construction of the school, and have been celebrating Faye for many months now!

Recently there was cause for a special celebration, with the arrival of a cow, also donated by Faye, and which has been named “Faye” in her honor. Faye has asked the co-op to name her cow’s first calf “Mara” after her daughter – see the note about this on the t-shirts made for the occasion by our team!

Faye is also sponsoring three college students. Two of her students
traveled to Icyerecyezo to celebrate the delivery of her cow!

(If you’re not seeing captions, click the “CC” box. lower right in your video screen.)

VIDEO Faye’s students thanking her for the cow

VIDEO Icyerecyezo co-op dancing for Faye


Esperance, Co-op President (on the right): “Faye, I don’t see where our lives would be if we didn’t meet generous people like you. You hold a big history in our lives. We see you in our school project, we see you in your gift of a cow. We are feeling your presence so much. You are holding the most significant pillars of our development – education and farming. We love you so much, our dear one.”


Jean Bosco & Yvonne (Faye’s students): “We have been blessed to be here today where the cow from our sponsor Faye is being received. We feel her presence so much. We truly understand her contribution toward our education and the co-op development in general. We are so much proud of her!”





Josianne (in the middle): “Faye, we thank you so much as women of Icyerecyezo Co-op, you made our voices heard across the community. We feel so confident as you, together with our other WD4H friends and donors, have helped us get out of extreme darkness and isolation we used to live in. We are women of hope, full of love, confidence and a sense of family. We love you!”





Arivera (green and white dress): “We have a strong partner in our livestock, we are not alone on this journey, our feeling is that we are together. We will work hard to prove that your generosity towards us is not taken for granted.”






Joyeuse (in the middle): “We just don’t say ‘Faye’ from our lips, this name is protectively kept in our hearts. It is our pleasure to have her in our lives. She is so much concerned about our transformation. Given what she does for us, we feel she does not even sleep, she is thinking about what to move us from a place to another. She has never met us, but we hope she knows us as much as we wish. We know her so much through every support we receive from her. Malnutrition was one of the most powerful battle we had in our way, but now we think about it as a history. Do we need any other form of a brighter future? I think we are already there.”





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