Faye’s Cow “Jackie” – A Gift to Imbereheza

Faye Honors Her Friend Jackie with a Cow for Imbereheza!


Since 2013, we have been working with Imbereheza (“Better Future”), a large farming cooperative in Eastern Rwanda. We have provided many goats and cows, and helped many of their young people attend high school and college. WD4H supporter Faye Massey has contributed mattresses and goats to our co-ops, and now is building a SCHOOL! In 2018 she gave TWO COWS, one to to Imbereheza. She named the cow “Jackie” after her very dear friend who lives in Los Angeles. The Imbereheza Co-op members were so thrilled with the arrival of this black beauty – see their great joy and gratitude in these videos:

(If you’re not seeing captions, click the “CC” box. lower right in your video screen.)

VIDEO – Cow poem and thank you message to Faye from Alexis

VIDEO – Solange cleaning Jackie with her scarf and thanking Faye

VIDEO – Christine thanking Faye for her kindness

VIDEO – Chanting and dancing for Faye!

Expressions of Gratitude from the Co-op Members:

Solange: “Our donor Faye brought me happiness, this is my moment and my season to celebrate. Another miracle is already happening in us. Sometimes I wonder who we are that people from very far away continue being so generous to us. Faye, we see you so much through this cow. We feel your presence in us any time we see this cow. You are creating a new story to tell in our community. This cow means our respect and wealth in our community. Thank you so much!”



Beatrice: “Another big blessing has been sent to us from a generous donor, Faye Massey. In Rwanda, cows are a symbol of huge love between people, and means so much in our development. We thank you so much our dear Faye for having loved us this much even before meeting us!”





Marie: “This very moment I want to thank Faye Massey for also having thought of us. This cow, Jackie, she donated to us is a great addition to our development. You all remember how life was before meeting our World Dance friends. They give us cows and you know what cows have done to make us who we are now. You know a great contribution the cow milk made in fighting against malnutrition in our community, you all know what fertilizer from cows has done in our crop production. Cows have given us a successful story to share with the world. All of this does not leave me a word to thank our donors enough. Our hope for a brighter future came from no one else but you.”

Eugenie: “A shared journey is not as hard as a journey alone. I don’t know what our lives would be if generous donors from WD4H did not come our way. We thank God for having brought you to us. Our lives have been given a meaning. Thinking about our future was the most painful thing in our lives as we couldn’t see what it would look like, but now we see our future and what it keeps for us. It is all because of people who sacrifice their resources to change our lives. Through your different supports, we continue flourishing. Thank you so much Faye for your acceptance to be one of those mindful people I am talking about.”


Donatha: “None of us had hope for any better life before meeting our mindful and generous donors. We all thought that the future does not exist. We only took care of our present time. Tomorrow was so much scary to us as we had nothing to carry us there. Today we are proud and confident to make long-term plans. Is there any way you can thank someone who helped you cross that enough? Our donors: simply understand the reasons of our being so appreciative to you. You mean a lot in our lives.”



John Ndoli: “We have been getting education concerning our contribution toward creating a sustainable development for us but nothing worked for us until we were given the right tools as a walking stick to help us go across the slipperiness. Cows played a big role in helping us lift ourselves out of extreme poverty. We thank our donors for being who they are in our lives. This cow, Jackie is going to be one of those tools. Thank you so much Faye, your kindness to us will never be in vain. God bless you!”



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