Video: A Day in the Life of 3 Rwandan Girls

This 10-minute video – gleaned from raw footage Justin sent us from Rwanda last week – is our first glimpse of how our students live when they’re at home in their villages. Featuring: Celine (sponsored by Celina Hunt),
Peninah (sponsored by Christy Morse), and Clarisse (sponsored by the Westside Boys and Girls Club).

Responses to the Video:

Justin Bisengimana: This video is beyond anything I could imagine in making people aware of our work. Now people can get to know more about our communities. Thank you so much Genevieve and Janet for working very hard to make this happen. This is the best way to tell people about what we do. I cannot stop from watching it. It looks very new for me though I am the one who took footage. You really made it very superb. Together we are conduits of blessings and miracles.

Celina Hunt: So Beautiful! Love it… humbling and straight forward… speaks for itself completely! Still amazes me the direct and “unfiltered” nature of the communication and connection.

Christy Morse: This is amazing! Can’t wait to see the faces of the kids at the Boys & Girls Club and Vieja Valley when they see it!

Connie Wernet: This video is so powerful, bringing these beautiful students and their daily lives into our living rooms. What a great idea to show the kids at Westside B&G Club the difference they are making in their student’s life.

Debra Geiger: This is incredibly powerful. The last segment with Clarisse – the intimacy of hearing her sweeping,  breaking the twigs, and the blowing on the fire made me feel like I was right there with her.

Jeremy Reineck: It is so humbling and inspiring to see the heart and soul these women put into making the most of their lives despite the odds. They set an example for all of us.

Jackie Pruitt: WONDERFUL!  It is so exciting to think that these are our girls!

Peter Haslund: Perhaps the message here is captured when we compare what we have with what they have. Even simple necessities like the acquisition of water requires a commitment of nearly an hour each day. We just turn on a faucet. The same is true for light in the evening if they want to study, a comfortable bed in which to sleep, the energy required to gather, grow and prepare food; virtually every aspect of daily life requires a significant effort. This should certainly cause us to share…just a little…with these wonderful people.

Juanita Johnson: This really touched my heart. It is such a wonderful depiction of the hard work, simplicity, dedication, and sense of responsibility these young people have. It offers a real sense of what’s of value in life. I’m sure will inspire our young ones here.Danna Mead: This was so lovely to watch. And very informative! Thank you Justin! And great editing Janet & Gen!

Jojo Barker: This video is just perfect. It really illustrates what life is like for these students and is so rich in information, both narrated and to be gleaned from the images, that it should provide a terrific teaching tool. It makes possible so many different discussions about the differences in life style etc. If I were a teacher I would be absolutely gleeful to have such an excellent teaching tool – as well as being extremely touched.

Annetta Patrick: Wow! This is great- very well done.
Janelle Feiner: Truly moving! A real eye opener for all. Thank you for this beautiful video.
Loriann Mastromarino: Beautiful! A virtual visit into the lives of these beautiful-hearted hard working girls. Your work is an amazing gift to them and a great eye opener for all of us here. Thanks for ALL you do.

Katrina Nelson: This video is so valuable. We get to see firsthand that their concept of “work” is tethered to intense discipline, not just survival. The gratitude they show their sponsors is infused with discussion of family, unity, and what it means to be a genuinely active participant in a positive community. The girls are developing more dynamic roles in their societies because of their sponsorships through WD4H. This togetherness generates such a beauty – one that radiates off of the message, off of the girl’s faces, and off the future we have together. AWESOME.

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