Co-ops helping co-ops – Abadacogora learns from Cokawi

1 Abada with Cokawi cAbadacogora visited Cokawi to learn about how they take care of a milk goat (Buck) for them to acquire knowledge to apply in the future when they receive such kind of a goat as they need one but reaching there they realized there were more things to learn about from Cokawi.

1 Scary milk goatIt was very surprising that none of Abadacogora members who visited Cokawi has seen a milk goat. They used to hear about it but they had no chance to see it despite the fact that they live in town. So, their visit was more beneficial than they ever expected. Though he was very scary to everybody but they courageously managed to get very closer to him as they really enjoyed how he appears.

1 old woman friend of scary milk goat


Everyone was asking how this old woman became such a good friend of that very scary milk goat. She said, “The secret is to love him and taking good care of him all the time. This is how you become good friends.” Any time she calls him in his name “Kazungu” he moves towards her (Kazungu is the name they give to someone who has a similar skin color to white people).





1 two leaders

Many questions asked by Abadacogora members were a great sign that they were so much impressed by what Cokawi is doing. They did not feel like leaving as they had huge curiosity to know everything. Every piece of information was recorded by Abadacogora members as they were so much interested in what Cokawi is doing.

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