Abadacogora “Never Gave Up” – Now they have their goats!

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The Abadacogora (“Those Who Never Give Up”) Cooperative is located on a steep hillside on the outskirts of Kigali. It is made up of 40 households, mostly widows and their children, who came together in 2013 to create a sustainable collective livelihood. In May 2013, World Dance for Humanity gave them 40 goats and funding to build a shed for the animals. Tragically, in November 2013, a leopard broke into the shed and killed 30 of the goats. This happened because the shed was far from the homes of the members and wasn’t strong enough. The 10 goats that survived went to live with the co-op members at their homes.

Then something amazing happened: right after the leopard incident, a World Dance supporter named Pat donated the funds to buy 30 more goats for Abadacogora as Christmas gifts to her 30 grandchildren across the U.S. Another World Dancer donated funds to buy a piece of land where they could grow feed for the goats and build a stronger, leopard-proof shed near their homes.

It took a very long time to buy the land, because (as is often the case in Rwanda), the owner didn’t have a deed. Once this was sorted out, it took more time to get a construction permit to start building the shed. After this was obtained, it was quite a project to create a flat area for the shed in this hilly location. At the same time, the community planted “goat grass” so there would be food for the goats when they arrived.

Finally the land was prepared, a strong “leopard-proof” shed was constructed, the goat grass plentiful, and our Rwanda team delivered 30 beautiful goats to the Abadacogora community in March.

Justin’s photos and report:


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