Albanian Dance Day – With a Special Guest!

Sadik singing 4 wide

Falemnderit (Thank You), Sadik!

Those of you who were in class Feb. 7th met SADIK KADRIJAJ, a young Albanian man from Kosova (former Yugoslavia) who was the subject of a documentary in the Santa Barbara film festival, “A Single Frame.” Our connection with Sadik came about when World Dancer CINDY ILIFF ran into the film’s producer GINGER SLEDGE on a hiking trail, learned that she was looking for an Albanian interpreter for the Q&A session after the film, and called me (Janet) to translate.
I was able to help out, and, as a thank you, the producers donated $1,000 to our 2016 Education Fund – giving 3 RWANDAN STUDENTS the chance to attend high-school this year! Sadik is a professional singer, and we enjoyed a very special class doing authentic Albanian dances with Sadik singing. It turned into a wonderfully spontaneous, special, spirited event!
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