Bali Retreat 2017 – The Afterglow

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“Adventurous, breathtaking, cleansing, spiritually enriching, blissful, outstanding!”

Those are some of the words used to describe our recent World Dance Retreat in Bali, Indonesia. All 24 travelers had a fabulous, fun, fulfilling time at Bloo Lagoon Eco-Resort. What drew us there was our connection to the architects and owners, Marita Vidal and Tony Gwilliam. (Tony’s mentor was Buckminster Fuller whose daughter Allegra was Janet’s Dance Ethnology mentor.) Marita came with us to make sure we had an amazing time – and we did!

During our two-week adventure, we participated in temple ceremonies, visited fascinating places, enjoyed blissful swimming and superb snorkeling only 5-minutes away, and luxuriated at the fabulous Spiral Spa. Each villa was unique, each one beautiful, each open-air, with an exquisite view of the bay. There’s nothing like showering outdoors (in complete privacy), feeling the sky and tropical warmth all around you. All of this was very affordable – a fraction of what we would have expected to spend on a trip like this.


! 9 Oman Aprik karen


 “This was the best two-week vacation of my life. Words cannot express the delight, peace and serenity I experienced with World Dance for Humanity in Bali.”   –  Karen Stiny


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“Our trip to Bali was an amazing opportunity for daily yoga, dance, relaxation, good food, new friends, seeing beautiful landscapes and beaches, and staying at a gorgeous resort with fabulous views from every room. All of this would have been enough, but in Bali we also had the rare opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich and colorful culture that is infused with spiritual traditions that permeate every aspect of life there, every day. I left with new friends and a soulful connection with the Balinese. My life has been so enriched by this experience.”   – Julie Hayes-Nadler


Below are some photo highlights of the Bali trip 
Thank you, photographers Debi Deal, Genevieve Feiner,
Julie Hayes-Nadler, Bonnie Siverd, and Karen Stiny!

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