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“Perfect place for us. Looking forward to returning!”

Bloo Lagoon Review by Bruce LeBel, friend of WD4H  ~ August 31, 2014

Summary: Bloo Lagoon is a unique “eco” resort with open-air villas and restaurant, all with beautiful ocean views. Staff is very attentive and helpful. Excellent spa. Many activities including excellent snorkeling and tours to regional sites of interest. Some folks may not like the open design. Bloo Lagoon will be favored by folks who are seeking an ecologically designed seaside tropical resort with local color rather than an enclosed air-conditioned hotel. (Detailed review below.)

We had a wonderful experience at Bloo Lagoon and look forward to returning. Our villa had a beautiful view, comfortable seating and beds, two well-equipped and lovely outdoor bathrooms with showers, and an adequate kitchen that we used.

In advance of our arrival the staff was very helpful in arranging the activities that we were seeking: snorkeling, spa, cooking class; and then also arranged a fishing trip after our arrival. The snorkeling was beautiful, the spa was deeply relaxing with unique and skilled treatments, and the cooking class was excellent with great results and new skills that we’ll apply at home.

The restaurant has beautiful ocean views from every table, serves an excellent breakfast buffet, and also a very good menu for lunch and dinner. There are at least two chefs with international training, and we were very pleased with all of our meals (including what we prepared with Chef Ketuk who taught our cooking class). Each afternoon we had fresh fruit juice that was a treat (try my favorite – passion fruit, papaya and lime).

The pool is very relaxing and the design includes lounging area, water volleyball, short laps area and even a fast exciting water slide. The Blue Lagoon beach just a short walk down the hill from Bloo Lagoon Village is a lovely cove with beach, very good snorkeling on the sides of the cove, and with a snack bar, lounge chairs, and locals offering massage or selling trinkets. In addition to the morning songbirds there is also the occasional horn from the 24-hour ferry to Lombok that docks at the far side of Padangbai (Padang Bay), but after the first night that didn’t disturb us.

The staff merit further mention as they are very attentive and helpful. My luggage got delayed by the airlines and the staff followed its progress and assured that it was delivered directly to Bloo Lagoon and not left in a location requiring pick-up (e.g. “lost and found” at Denpasar Airport, where it was briefly stalled).

The “green” / “eco” systems design minimizes the impact of this facility on the sensitive environment, by using much solar energy, repurposing gray water following treatment in their scenic pond, growing their own vegetables, etc. I seriously appreciate the thoughtful design and minimal environmental impact of Bloo Lagoon’s facilities. When you see Bloo Lagoon Village from the water it looks like it was meant to be there. As the villas and other buildings are all open to the environment (e.g. only the bedrooms are enclosed) there are some bugs and birds and animals that are part of the experience. Food should not be left out on a kitchen counter or table so that it doesn’t tempt the local monkeys. A praying mantis made a home in our bowl of flowers centerpiece and was a frequent subject of meal conversations. We knew we were relaxing when we started talking to the insect.

In looking at some of the other reviews I see some people found things that they disliked about Bloo Lagoon Village. It’s unfortunate when someone comes to a place that is so essentially beautiful and chooses to be bothered by some annoyance that they know they wouldn’t have if they were at a Marriott rather than stay open to the overall and unique experience here. Bloo Lagoon Village is very well run in favor of creating relaxation, pleasure and activities for their guests with a uniquely environmental approach including significant support for the local community and embracing of Balinese culture.

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