Student Reports

Meet our 2015 Students!

Justin Bisengimana: “Education is the key to changing the world. I wish words would be enough to express my gratitude toward all contributors to our WD4H 2014 Education Fund. We had no idea how this money could be raised, but you made it happen! You made a way for 132 young people to pursue their dreams. Please try to feel how impactful your sponsorship is in their lives.

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Heartfelt Messages from Our Students

From Justin Bisengimana: “Sponsors, you may think that sending a letter to your sponsored child is something simple and small… but it is not. It changes their lives in ways beyond your imagination. It gives confidence and hope to know that somebody out there has taken time to write. You make them feel that they matter in their communities. They are covered by joy after receiving a letter from a thousand miles…”

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Meet our Murindi Students!

From Justin in Rwanda: “There are 10 students in WD scholarships. In general they performed well and they are so much courageous and committed to working hard to prove to their sponsors that they are doing their best with this support. Some of them have received letters from their sponsors. After reading and answering their […]

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