Congratulations to our 20 New College Students!

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We received the incredible news today that 20 of our high school graduates have been accepted into COLLEGE for the 2018-2019 school year! This brings us to a total of 57 college students WD4H is sponsoring. It’s VERY hard to get into college in Rwanda, and we are so proud of our students, who accomplished this through sheer hard work and determination – and the steadfast support from their sponsors.

Not one of these young people ever dreamed of having the chance to go to high school – let alone college. The students and their families consider this a miracle – one that will change all of their lives. College costs $1,000/year – which covers tuition, room, board, and supplies – and we’re determined to find the funds needed so every student who was accepted can attend, in addition to funding our 93 high school and 7 primary school students.

These heartfelt responses from our Rwanda Team will give you a feel for what this means:

FROM JUSTIN (Rwanda Program Director):

The history of our families has led 100% of our children to grow up with this scenario of feelings: For them, Primary school was barely possible, High school was a dream, and College was inconceivable. Our Sponsors have the chance to change the lives of these young people from such a dreadful background which affects them personally, their families and society in general. We don’t take this for granted, we all know what education means especially in a developing country like ours. Thank you so much for providing our young people with the passport to the future, we feel that tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. We honor your acceptance to allow our children to embrace this chance in life. Your generosity is releasing us from too many worries about getting all of these students to school. Beyond your generosity, we appreciate your partnership, friendship and kindness. Thanks to you, minds are shaping and lives are changing.

FROM CHANTAL (Education Coordinator):

Wooooo! This is such big news to my ears, 20 students into college, I can’t express my emotions for this time. The tears are streaming to my eyes, thinking how being the ones graduated in college is excited to everyone and how much is very expensive, many blessings to you, I wish everyone your baskets to refill. We love you.

FROM JUDY (Business Coordinator):

This morning, I was about to leave for the field, Chantal called me telling about the good news, I took some minutes trying to take it in, not being able to believe it! It made me recall those past moments some years back when my parents were stressed wondering how I am going to go back to school with no school fees, with no hope where to find them but keeping in mind that I should study, thinking how to fund at least one semester…with no hope of ending the academic year because of poverty. Most of us have this education struggle…we know what this means. I am writing this with tears because I know what education can do, I know how most of children lose self-confidence and ways of expressions because they didn’t have a chance to go to school. We could see their talents, many seemed to have potential to be the greatest managers, businessmen and women, pilots, politicians and so many things – but education struggle and paying inability set them back.

Believe me, parents of our 20 students selected for college this year can tell more. Maybe some of these students are going to change the history of their families where none of family members has been to school – are you trying to imagine this? Being the first graduate in the whole family that has no chance to education? I think I have talked much but I wanted to let you know a portion, just a portion of the big thing you did into this lives changing journey in our cooperatives, specifically Education! Thank you so much WD4H and SPONSORS for accepting taking these students under your responsibility expecting no rewards at all. Be blessed. With gratitude, Judy

FROM DANY (Program Assistant):

This list of new college students looks miraculously! Most of them was hopeless, dropped out of school; they spent their time working for money by doing hard works such as in building project, mining field, and hauling the sand & stone to feed their family (Siblings, mothers) even was very young but they struggled much. They were living their died dreams.

Luckily they met WD4H through Justin who found the sponsors to them. Since that period life have been changed and sent back to the school. This was big lucky to them and was their duty to study hard for achieving their setting goals. Thanks you Donors for your generosity because your one step at time changed fast and remarkable lives here. Here even 1 dollar can changing lives of a family. So I can’t believe still, 20 students at College! I believe at the end of day, you will celebrate how your students contribute in development of their cooperatives. Thanks! Thanks! May your hand be blessed!

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