Copakika’s Gorgeous Goats!

! Copakika goats Feb 2018

Thank you, donors, for this splendid Gift of Goats!

The generous year-end donations we received enabled us to buy 60 beautiful, full-grown, pregnant goats for the women of Copakika and Cooperative. Since we adopted this community one year ago, our Rwanda Team has been helping the members develop a sense of cohesion and purpose, and helping their leaders acquire the awareness, confidence, and skills they need to lift their people out of extreme poverty. Last August, we gave each woman a mattress to sleep on, which, in one stroke, gave them a new feeling about their lives. In January, we gave each woman a goat to call her own.

Please take 2 minutes to their outpouring of love, joy, and gratitude!

! Copakika goats Feb 2018 ecstacy
Copakika goat dance
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