Cows, Goats, and a Nursery School for Tubehotwese

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The Tubehotwese (“Let Us All Live”) Cooperative in northeastern Rwanda was founded in 2007 by 12 widows and their families determined to survive by pooling their labor and meager resources. With help from World Dance for Humanity, the community has grown to 413 people, and is getting stronger each year. The 120 goats we donated have given each family an income source and the dignity of being true farmers.

Last year, the community opened a Nursery School with help from World Dancer Sherry Robin. There are now 93 local children attending, ages 4 to 6. World Dancer Juanita Johnson and her husband Hymon made a generous donation to pay the teacher salaries.

In January, Jeremy Reineck and the Wetlands band put on an incredible dance party that raised $1,037 to buy a full-grown, pregnant cow for Tubehotwese. Gifts from World Dance supporters provided goats and a second cow. The arrival of animals on March 26th was celebrated by the whole community…and WD4H was with them in spirit!

See the Video here

…to meet Rosecow and Lulu Jo, check out the new cow dance,
meet the teachers, and see the adorable, vivacious preschoolers in action!!!


Teachers Solange (left) and Samuel (right), with Chantal, our Education Coordinator

Teachers Solange (left) and Samuel (right),
with Chantal, our Education Coordinator

 Solange: We thought we were so remote in the village and nobody would care about us, but what Juanita and Johnson [Hymon] have done for us really shows that we are deserving people. It has been a great motivation. Thank you so much for your generosity!
 Samuel: It was hard to work without a small compensation that could help me even pay for my soap to wash my body. Sometimes I felt discouraged and almost giving up, but now we are getting something because of Juanita and Johnson.


"Lulu Jo" (left) - Named after Janet's grandmother  "Rosecow" (right) - Named by Jeremy & Wetlands

“Lulu Jo” (left) – Named after Janet’s grandmother, “Rosecow” (right) – Named by Jeremy & Wetlands

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