Creekside Soul Funk Dance Party = 40 Goats to Tubeho

2 jane

Jane Johnson in the GROOVE – Soul Train!

On July 26th, World Dancers and friends gathered for a fabulous night of dancing at a local club, Creekside. Our local 70s band, SoulBiscuit donated their time and talent so all the funds we raised could go to Rwanda. On July 28th, $1,800 was wired to Rwanda to purchase 40 GOATS for the Tubeho (Let Us Live) Cooperative.

Tubeho prepping ground for Bakery

Tubeho folks prepare land for a bakery they are building with funds from a World Dancer

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Huge thanks to Ed Diamond and his SOULBISCUIT brothers, Bill, Dan, Eric, Horace, Steve, Theo (and Justin Flint who sat in on Proud Mary) for donating their time and talent for a fabulous night! And thanks to Jackie and Leah for help with outreach, KKFX, KJEE, KLITE and KTYD for their awesome TV and radio spots, all the dancers who helped out and brought friends, and everyone who came and danced!



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