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Help us Change Lives in Rwanda

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All donations are tax-deductible – Federal Tax ID #46-2890372
World Dance for Humanity – 906 Nopal St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Janet Reineck, Executive Director –  805/966-5439

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“I always like donating to WD4H because I get a sense of the immediate impact of my donation. And what is for me a relatively small donation makes a real difference in someone else’s life.”  Mary Thompson

Three great reasons to give:

  1. 100% of your gift will go to the people we serve in Rwanda – not a penny to administrative costs.
  2. The people we work with are at a bare subsistence level – a little goes a very long way in changing lives.
  3. We have a deep and committed relationship with these communities, and we share frequent updates from the field so you can get to know the people you’re helping.

Rwanda Wish List:

A donation of ANY amount will help us bring life-changing assistance to the communities we support in Rwanda. Here is our current Rwanda Wish List:

$10          Solar Light for a Student  See the lights
$20          Books and supplies for our two Nursery Schools
$100        Sponsor a Primary school for a student for a year
$350        Sponsor a High school student for a year  Student Sponsorship Program
$1,000    (or a portion) – Sponsor a College student for a year
$7,200    (or a portion) – Student Leadership Training (3-day training for 200 high school and college students)

$40          Health insurance for 5 women for a year
$50          Water filter that will purify water for 3 years, for 10 people
$50          Mattress for a family  About Mattresses
$1,000    (or a portion) – Rainwater collection tank
$5,700    (or a portion) – Women’s Health Education Seminar (3-day training for 60 co-op representatives)

$30          Shovel & watering can for a Permagarden  Permagarden Report
$45          Full-grown Pregnant Goat for a family  Meet our Gorgeous Goats!
$250        Organic fertilizer for a co-op for a year (until they have enough from their livestock)
$1,000    (or a portion) – Pregnant full-grown cow for a co-op (Name it in someone’s honor!)  About a Cow
$5,700    (or a portion) – Veterinary Training in September (3-day training for 60 co-op representatives)

$40        Supplies for making reusable menstrual pads  Pad Info
$125      Sewing machine for making reusable menstrual pads
$150      Bicycle for transporting goods at one of our co-ops (Name your bike in someone’s honor!)
$450      Solar panel to provide electricity for a co-op business
$4,000   (or a portion) – Launch a Collectively-Run Co-op Business  Learn about our businesses
$5,000   (or a portion) – Start a Coffee Plantation at Abasangirangendo (Sharing the Journey) Co-op
$5,700   (or a portion) – Sponsor our Business Training  (3-day training for 60 co-op representatives)