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Help us Change Lives in Rwanda

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All donations are tax-deductible – Federal Tax ID #46-2890372
World Dance for Humanity – 906 Nopal St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Janet Reineck, Executive Director –  805/966-5439

To set up an easy monthly donation plan, select your gift amount and click Subscribe:

“I always like donating to WD4H because I get a sense of the immediate impact of my donation. And what is for me a relatively small donation makes a real difference in someone else’s life.”  Mary Thompson

 “World Dance is worth the effort for a simple reason:  it works. It affects real people in a significant way, and it bears witness to the fact that despite all the ‘noise,’ we all live on the same small planet and we need to help each other.” Peter Haslund

Three great reasons to give:

  1. 100% of your gift will go to the people we serve in Rwanda – not a penny to administrative costs.
  2. The people we work with are at a bare subsistence level – a little goes a very long way in changing lives.
  3. We have a deep and committed relationship with these communities, and we share frequent updates from the field so you can get to know the people you’re helping.

Rwanda Wish List:

A donation of ANY amount will help us bring life-changing assistance to the communities we support in Rwanda. Here are the projects we are funding in our Rwandan communities:

$20 – Five menstrual pad kits  Learn more here

$45 – A goat for a family  Learn more here

$50 – A mattress for a family that is sleeping on the ground  Learn more here

$350 (or a portion) – High school tuition/room/board for a year  Learn more here

$1,000 (or a portion) – A full-grown, pregnant cow  Learn more here

$1,000 (or a portion) – College tuition/room/board for a year

$3,000 (or a portion) – Launch a Small Business  Learn more here

$5,000 (or a portion) – Sponsor a Training (Leadership, Agriculture, Business)  Learn more here

“In a small but competitive pool of excellent submissions, the Committee found WD4H to be strong in all of the categories we consider in our evaluation process, including the demonstration of need, clear objectives, sound management, credibility and sustainability.  We are especially impressed by the simple, direct, and personal nature of the aid WD4H is providing communities and individuals in need, and the less measurable, but deeply impactful connection between those communities in Africa and your home community of Santa Barbara, forging attitudes of openness, and compassion and inclusion in the next generation.”  2016 World Dance for Humanity Grantor