Donations of Livestock

! Abishyizehamwe goat 7 slideGIVE A GOAT $45

The gift of a goat changes a family’s life. The goats give birth twice a year, usually to twins, which the family nurtures with great care. The babies are bred, sold, or given to another family. The income is used by the family to pay for food, medical care, and education. The manure from the goats increases crop yield so the family has enough to eat, and extra to sell. Goats bring such joy to these families – they are now true farmers! Having an animal that is all theirs, to raise and to care for, gives them dignity, pride, and economic security.”We will all love this goat so much – we feel she is part of our family members. This goat will play a big role in our development by providing fertilizer for our good production and money from offspring to solve our financial problems. All of this because of our donors’ love.” – Gentile, Komera Cooperative


World Dance for Humanity provides cows to each of the Cooperatives we serve. With $1,000 we can purchase a full-grown, pregnant cow that is cared for by the community. Each family takes a part in tending to the cows and gets a portion of the milk and manure. The milk provides nutrition for babies, toddlers, and AIDS patients, who, without good nutrition, are highly susceptible to illnesses such as malaria and typhus. The cows are hybrids of Holstein (Friesians) and local cows, and are purchased in Uganda. “We are so much grateful for our donors! Seeing this cow, I see fertilizer, milk, and money for the things we need most. I see that a future is possible. I see hope. Our dreams are becoming a reality so quickly since we connected with our sisters in WD4H. So many thanks to them.” – Valerie Munezero, Twirererabana Cooperative