Donna’s Cows “Faith” & “Justice” for Itorero

(Faith is the all black cow – Justice has a white face)

Celebrating “Faith” and “Justice” at Itorero

Itorero Nyarwanda Cooperative was founded in 2017 by a group of young people whose parents are members of Imbereheza, another one of our co-ops, part of Never Again Fellowship in Eastern Rwanda. “Itorero Nyarwanda” means “Rwandan Dancers.” The primary income generating activity of this co-op is the performance of traditional dance and music at weddings and other celebrations. Our support through donations of goats and cows has also given them a solid basis in farming.

In 2018, WD4H supporter Donna Eyman, a lawyer by trade, contributed two cows to Itorero, “Faith” and “Justice,” and the community has been celebrating ever since!

VIDEOS of thanks to Donna in words and music!

Says Justin Bisengimana, WD4H Rwanda Program Director:

“The happiness of Itorero Co-op was expressed through the dance, all dedicated to Donna for having donated cows to them. They didn’t feel like stopping from dancing and singing as their happiness was so great! Cows play a significant role in changing people’s lives in so many ways. They are such a big foundation of community development – increasing crop production, creating jobs, and bringing hope to our people. Cows are bringing people out of the trauma and depression they used to dwell in, and in this way play a role in reconciliation. Instead of focusing on the past, community members are busy looking after their cows”

Expressions of Gratitude from Co-op Members:

Baptiste: “We all understand the meaning of ‘Justice’ in our language. Our donor, Donna is very ‘just’ to us. Through her gift, she is fighting for our social justice. The cows are so much speaking for us – those outside our co-op see us as different people from how they saw us before meeting you. They used to see us as people with no value, but today we are leading. We thank you Donna, for changing our lives to this big extent.”




Jacqueline: “We will always be faithful to you, our Donna, as you are so much faithful and caring to us. Our lives are changing so tremendously because of people like you. We are very sure about our brighter future and we feel we are already stepping into it. We will continue working hard to turn your support into a sustainable mean. We are adding your name on our existing list of best friends and partners.”




John: “We are very lucky to have people of good hearts and willingness to serve God’s children, like you Donna. We are being equipped with all we need to be where our dreams are taking us. Thank you so much Donna, for your great contribution to make this happen. You have never met us but we feel your presence in us so much.”





Alexis (tall man under umbrella): Receiving two cows the same time from the same donor is something beyond our expectations. We feel we are so much blessed and we don’t take it for granted. We will work very hard to make sure your donation to our generous people is not in vain.”





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