Donna’s Cows “DeeJay” & “Georgie” for Abishyizehamwe

DeeJay & Georgie, Jefferson & Johnny!


Donna Eyman has bestowed an incredible blessing on our co-ops, donating a total of 5 cows! In 2018, two of her new cows went to Abishyizehamwe (“United People”), where Donna already has a cow “Jefferson,” named by her grandson Johnny. Soon after arrival, Jefferson gave birth to a calf which the family named “Johnny.” Jefferson and Johnny are being joined by “Georgie,” named after a friend of Donna’s (man in the photo, left), and “DeeJay,” named as a good luck charm for a court case Donna (an attorney) was working on.

VIDEOVestine thanking Donna on behalf of her community

Justin Bisengimana, WD4H Rwanda Program Director: “In the history of Rwanda, there was never prestige without possessing many cows. Cows were the most important gift for a dowry and the best thing one could give a loved one. Even today, we still have a great attachment to cows, and it means so much when one is donated to our communities – let alone TWO!”

Expressions of Gratitude from the Abishyizehamwe Women:

Devota, Co-op President: “We have many reasons to be this much happy today! This miracle has come down on us from heavens. We did not expect to receive two cows the same time from our donor, Donna. She means so much in our lives. We can’t wait for the blessings from these beautiful cows.”





Marie Claire: “Donna, we wish you were here, but our feelings are that you are here in spirit, we feel that all our happiness, singing and dance are reaching where you are. We love you so much.”





Odette: “Cows have played a significant role in transforming us and making us new people. Thank you so much donors for bring us these types of blessings in our lives. Cows are best friends of our families, bringing much hope, confidence, respect and wealth. Tonight we all sleep with an increased happiness for having received two more cows.”




Denise: “The change in our lives speaks for itself. It is very obvious to everyone who knows us – we are no longer the same. We are already where we used to dream of being. My words cannot express my feelings, but I hope Donna will understand what I truly want to say.”





Vestine: “We are blessed in so many ways, sometimes I wonder who we are that people from faraway are so mindful of us. We are very happy to receive Georgie and DeeJay, thank you so much our dear Donna for having made it possible for us.”





Margarite: “Our dream is that each member of our co-op will have a cow and this will surely be achieved because we have generous people who are holding our hands. We are not alone on this journey. We have sisters who are walking alongside with us. We thank you so much for your wonderful support.”







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