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World Dance has donated $3,000 to provide basic education and micro-loans to a group of 26 women and 2 men in the Volta region of Ghana through the nonprofit, Lumana. africa map ghanaRural Africans living in poverty need credit to fund their businesses and a basic business education so they can do more with the money they borrow. LUMANA is a nonprofit based in Seattle that teaches rural Ghanaians how to maximize their profits, save for the future, and participate more effectively in local markets. After completing education classes, women can apply for loans through Lumana to expand their businesses.

Since its founding in 2009, Lumana has provided loans to 650 rural villagers who have used the money to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

ghana group on sandWorld Dance was able to donate $3,000 in June of 2012 so Lumana could start a new group in the Volta region of the country. ghana womenOur group is made up of 26 women and 2 men who sustain themselves and their families by salting, smoking and selling fish in local markets. This is seasonal work, and our donation is enabling the group to make the most of the catch they bring in and sustain themselves through the year.


Our new Ghana project comes to us from World Dancer CONNIE WERNET, who introduced us to her niece, SAMMIE RAYNER who founded Lumana.


On July 29, 2012, we gathered at the gorgeous home of new World Dancer LINDA BARRETT to learn more about Ghana and celebrate the work and the joy we share. We enjoyed a potluck dinner, danced together with a spectacular mountain view as a backdrop, and learned about our project in Ghana.