Goats to Itorero, the Dancing Co-op

Itorero goats girls 2

Goats for Itorero!

Written by Justin Bisengimana, WD4H Program Director

Bringing a goat to a family means bringing a job, hope, confidence, and
happiness in that family, and respect and honor in the community.

In June of 2017, 76 beautiful little goats were delivered to Itorero Nyarwanda (“Rwandan Dancers”) Cooperative, one of the new communities within Never Again Fellowship. Itorero was founded in 2017 by a group of young people whose parents were members of Imbereheza Cooperative.

Their primary business is singing and dancing at weddings and other celebrations. They are also working on farming as part of their economy. As it is with other cooperatives supported by WD4H, Itorero is focusing on organic farming, no chemicals in their crops. For them to make this happen, they need livestock to produce fertilizer. They can also sell baby goats to earn money. Donors, thank you for giving what was needed not just for community survival but also for sustainable development.

See videos from the recipients


Itorero goats girls 1

Itorero goats kids 1

Itorero goats kids


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