Rwanda Trip Video 2014

Got 42 minutes to see, hear, feel… Rwanda?


On June 25, 2014, seven World Dancers traveled to Rwanda to get to know the 20 communities we are serving there. On July 10th we returned – exhausted, inspired, and fulfilled in the knowledge that we are definitely ON TRACK with our work in the cooperatives, helping each community carve a future for themselves. We hope it will give you a sense of the place, the people, and the role of World Dance for Humanity in their lives.

We recently completed a video of the trip. It was created at no cost to WD4H – as we did the filming and editing ourselves.

Huge thanks to Debra Geiger and Eliot Crowley for uploading all the footage and creating the rough cut from the segments I selected, and Brooks student Sarah Bourscheid for the final cut!!! 

Note: Please make sure the video is starts at the beginning, and click the “expand screen” icon in the bottom right to see a full screen version.

Peter Haslund, WD4H Board Chair:

The message of our Rwanda program is one of hope. Hope for those whose lives have been so positively touched by the generosity of our dancers, and hope for the rest of us who tend to focus on all that is wrong with the world. Here, in Rwanda, we – together – are doing something right, and as a consequence, we become the beneficiaries! We too can walk away with the gift of hope.

Justin Bisengimana, WD4H Rwanda Program Director:

I can’t stop from watching this video! So many thanks to everyone who played any role to make this possible especially Janet who is holding the steering part of this work. Thanks to Debra and Eliot and Sarah for the unbelievable offer they made toward this end.

Dany Rukundo, WD4H Rwanda Assistant Program Director:

The smallest acts of kindness often mean the most. One step at a time changing lives. Our communities are proud of your presence in Rwanda.

Chantal Kubwimana, WD4H Rwanda Intern:

Motivating video! It took me long time for watching because of how designed and much informative, thanks to everyone had commitment for it. I can’t stop for watching it!

Jeremy Reineck, Rwanda Traveler 2013:

What a beautifully real and candid look at this amazing trip. Really captures the spirit and connection between everyone – World Dancers and Rwandans.

Betsy Stivers, WD4H Board:

This is such an uplifting and beautiful video!  My husband and I loved watching and felt it really brought all the World Dance work in Rwanda to life. Thanks to everyone who took the time to create such a wonderful memory of your trip.

Wilma Melville, Rwanda Student Sponsor:

The first strains of music were both eerie and inviting so I was captivated to begin the 42 minute video!  As the video unfolded, I was struck by the cooperatives being much larger in population than I had imagined. People wore colorful clothing and clearly prepared for this visit with great happiness. It was fun for me to see the co-op members greet the visitors as old friends who had come again. The theme was of happiness, joy and a coming together and this feeling held throughout the video together.

Debra Geiger, WD4H Board and Rwanda traveler:

This video is just a small slice of the rich experience World Dance for Humanity shared in Rwanda. It gives just a peek at the true beauty and undeniable courage of the Rwandan people. They are the stars of this film, and the real builders of their future.

Jennifer Schwarz, World Dancer:

This is an amazing and wonderful video. Such a joy to watch. Life changing, for sure.

Holly Sherwin, World Dancer:

Your video is a lovely snapshot of all the work you do and all the lives you have touched. Your efforts are not only a gift to the Rwandan communities you serve, but ALL those who take part in World Dance for Humanity. Thanks for allowing me to be part of the change.

Annetta Patrick

Wow. I just finished watching the video, and from my comfortable seat I feel wrung out – from your energy, from all of the wonderful and heartfelt sentiment, from the joy, the give and take, and the genuineness of these people. Thank you for being our envoy of hope and light. XO.

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