The Journey Begins…


WD4H Intern Grace Stanley, a third year Global Studies student, is now in Rwanda,
working with our team there and learning everything she can about the communities we serve.
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Grace departing LAX Feb. 15, 2018


Feb 15: I am just overwhelmed with this feeling of gratitude to have the opportunity to be apart of the work WD4H is doing. People kept asking me, ‘Why do you want to go to Rwanda? Why do you want to do this kind of work?’ But for me, the real question is why am I fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do this work? I just feel so lucky and thankful for World Dance right now !”





Grace & Justin Feb 2018



Feb 16: Arrival in Kigali, getting to know Justin!



Grace in Rwanda


Feb 20: Second day in the office and I am LOVING IT. We are moving into Justin’s new house tonight and I am going to my first co-op tomorrow, all very exciting! I went to a yoga class this morning and it was really funny, a wise, SUPER flexible Rwandan man was teaching yoga 10 muzungas LOL! I am currently working on a power point presentation for the high school girls at Nyamirama high school, the school that San Marcos’s AVID students have adopted. Please send me pictures of you giving the women the reusable menstrual pads to the women here, and testimonials of the women talking about them.





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  1. Justin February 22, 2018 at 12:41 am #

    We all understand that the future of any Nation lies into the hands of young people; this gives me much hope that the future of this work we are doing is ensured as we have young people like Grace who are very committed to spending their time learning on how the work is done. They are going to lead the way and take the work into a brighter future. Keep up Grace!. I hope the more you like it, the easier you understand it and vice versa. This will surely go far beyond your academic life. Justin.

  2. Tionfur July 15, 2018 at 12:42 pm #

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