Healthcare for Those in Need

! Twisungane c

“You may think it is something small but through the joy of these people, you can simply feel what it means in their lives.” Justin, Program Director

$4.69 = A Year of Healthcare

Many members of our Cooperatives cannot afford their annual health insurance premium of $4.69/year. Each year, World Dance for Humanity makes a donation to cover this cost for the folks in greatest need especially those with AIDS. This year we’re paying for 650 Co-op members, at a total cost of $3,050.

We are deeply grateful to World Dancer Jojo Barker and her husband David for covering the cost of this entire program for the year. So far, the health cards for 336 members have been delivered – and the recipients are ECSTATIC about it!

It’s a very labor-intensive project getting all these folks and their families registered for insurance (imagine doing that here!), and we are grateful to our Rwanda Team Justin, Chantal, and Dany persevering!

See the joy and gratitude expressed by Health Card recipients from 5 Cooperatives:
Abishyizehamwe (“United People”), Cokawi (Wake Up and Improve Yourself),
Icyerecyezo (Vision), Twisungane (Supporting Each Other), and Umunezero (Joy)

Icyere 1 Clementine
“I can easily say that the lives of all these people next to me have been saved. Healthcare is a big problem in our country and everybody is so much worried about it, but in our cooperative it is not the case and it is because of our generous donors. We thank you!” Clementine, Icyerecyezo co-op leader (in green, left)



Icyere Deborah



“There is no way to thank our donor enough. Without good health, we cannot reach our sustainable development. Our health is priority, thank you so much donor for having provided to what we need first to develop ourselves. My family is happy and we all send our love and thanks to donor.” Deborah, Icyerecyezo

Icyere 1 Marie





“In my old age, I have been given something to say. My life has been given a meaning and it is not just me alone but my whole family, my grandchildren and others know how important you are in our lives. I will live longer time because of your support.” Marie, Icyerecyezo
6 Twisung Claudine





“I know there are many people who fall sick and cannot go to hospital for fear of hospital bill. I don’t take this for granted, I thank our donor who made this possible.” Claudine, Twisungane





Twisung 1 Jane



“These are our health passports, we can be treated any time we fall sick, our family members are all sending their love to our donor.” Jane, Twisungane






Twisung Agnes


“With all my kids you see here, we are so much grateful for this healthcare support. Our health is our wealth. Thank you so much donor.” Agnes, Twisungane






Joy 1 Alphonsine


“Our health is again assured. It is our strength, and we feel our lives are not at risk as it was before getting this support. We used to spend days and days in our houses being sick and some lost their lives because of fearing to go to hospital due to lack of means. Our ways are open now, we go to hospital any time we get sick. Thank you so much donor.” Alphonsine, Umunezero




2 Cokawi Alphonsine


“It is not just health cards, these are our joy and hope bringers. The theme is ‘we will not die miserably.’ Thank you donors for bringing this hope.” Alphonsine, Cokawi





2 Cokawi Beatha
“This is our money to pay for medical bills when we get sick. With these cards, we feel we are rich and our health is sustained!” Beatha, Cokawi








Icyere kids (2)

Icyere kids



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  1. Justin November 6, 2015 at 7:58 am #

    Yes, it is true. You don’t need to do miracles to change human lives, you only need to have an open heart. Do everything with your heart and it will change lives no matter how small you might think it is. You can simply tell from what a health card does in a family.
    Thank you so much everyone who contributed to making it possible.

  2. suba zupa August 15, 2018 at 7:50 am #

    JBKoWQ Wow, great blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.

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