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Santa Barbara’s Westside Boys & Girls Club serves more than 100 children each day after school. Many of the kids are barely passing their subjects in school, and the Club is trying hard to give them the support they need to turn this around. They are severely short-staffed and need volunteers to work with the children. World Dance for Humanity is stepping up to fill this need by providing after-school volunteers. Club Director Priscilla Hernandez is very grateful for any help we can provide!


We’re also opening a window into the world for these children by nurturing a relationship between their Club and Rwanda. For two years, they have been sponsoring Clarisse, one of our Rwandan students. A few weeks ago, we shared a video of Clarisse’s life in her Rwandan village. It was VERY eye-opening for the children, who are making a video about their own lives to share with Clarisse!


We captured on video some choice moments from our work with Westside to share with you:


Our thanks to all the World Dancers who are lending a helping hand!

Contact Jackie if you’re interested in volunteering!

Jackie Pruitt:
As a retired veteran teacher, it is my privilege to be involved in our local Westside Boys and Girls Club. Beginning with our collaboration in the World Dance Thriller event a few years ago to their current sponsorship of a student in Rwanda our relationship has flourished. We now have very talented World Dance dancers volunteering each week who have committed to making a difference in the lives of our local children – our future. I am very proud of our strong partnership and respect the work taking place at the Club.


Christy Morse:
I began volunteering at the Westside Boys and Girls Club in September when I joined World Dance and learned of the connection between the two organizations. I work with students each afternoon in homework club. These children are facing many challenges. I bring a smile, a listening ear, much patience and a desire to make a difference. I am rewarded by their successes every single day.



Connie Wernet:
When I heard that the Westside Boys and Girls Club needed volunteers, I felt a door was opening for me, that I could work with young people in a very meaningful way. They are, after all, our future. My first day, this past week, I was a little apprehensive since I would be a complete stranger to them. But I truly enjoyed being able to assist them with homework, and the staff and other volunteers were very helpful. I am looking forward to working with them next week and grateful for the opportunity.


Therapy Dog Gracie helped create a fun and supportive reading environment for the children:




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