Holiday Dance Outreach – December 6, 2014

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On Saturday, December 6th, a group of World Dancers visited wheelchair-bound folks at retirement homes
and at a home for disabled adults, performing holiday dances and dancing with the residents.
As always during our Outreach excursions, it was a penetrating, joyful experience –
reaching through silence, stillness, and pain – to love and connection.

Bets, thanks for sharing photos. I can’t type too well due to the tears in my eyes. What a wonderful gift. I am so happy for you that you can be a part of such a loving outreach effort. Bravo to you and all the World Dancers. – Gary Simpson (Betsy Stivers’ husband)

Videos from the day:

Our thanks to Juanita Johnson and Michele Lenaburg for coordinating the outing,
and Hymon Johnson and Rob Hoffman for fabulous photos!

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