Holiday Giving

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  Easy, meaningful holiday gifts for your loved ones

You can designate a gift of ANY AMOUNT to help provide:

A goat for a Rwandan family
A full-grown, pregnant cow for a community
A stipend for a student to attend school

Make a gift online

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Or send a check to WD4H – 906 Nopal St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Contact Janet to have Gift Cards (with the photos above) sent to your loved ones.

 100% of your donation is tax-deductible and will go to the communities we serve. Federal Tax ID #46-2890372.


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GOATS – $45 for a full-grown, pregnant goat

“Now that I have a goat from World Dance, I feel I am so much steady in my farming works. I used to grow crops being so much worried about the production because I had nowhere to find fertilizer but from today I feel my heart is relieved. I’ll be producing like those who have livestock and my family life will be changed. I bring my deep sincere thanks to those who gave these goats to us.” – Nelissa
World Dance for Humanity provides a goat to every family in the 25 cooperatives we serve in Rwanda. Goats give birth twice a year, usually twins, which the family nurtures and sells for cash to pay for food, medical care, and schooling. The rich fertilizer from the goats improves crop yield, critical to the sustenance of the families. $45 buys a goat that will change a family’s life in a simple, sustainable, way.


1 Holy cow kids OderCOWS – $1,000 for a full-grown, pregnant cow

“We are so much grateful for our donors Seeing this cow, I see fertilizer, milk, and money for the things we need most. I see that a future is possible. I see hope. Our dreams are becoming a reality so quickly since we connected with our sisters in WD4H. So many thanks to them.” – Valerie

We provide a cow to each cooperative we serve. With $1,000 we can purchase a full-grown, pregnant cow that will provide milk for all the children in the group, and manure to make the crops grow. The cows are hybrids of Holstein Friesians and local cows, and are purchased in Uganda. Together, Goats for Life and World Dance for Humanity have donated 47 full grown, pregnant cows!


EDUCATION – $100 Primary, $350 Secondary, $1,000 College

“It has given me a true meaning to my life to be in school after the years I spent feeling rejected and ignored in my community. I used to think that I was only meant to be at home and could not figure out the future of my life. My sponsor has given me the answers to all those questions I had.”  – Christine

During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, most of the schools were destroyed and many of the teachers killed. An entire generation lost the chance to get an education. Some children and young adults began school in the past few years with help from the government, but this well has dried up, leaving them without hope for an education or a future. You can help send a child to school by sponsoring your own student. Contact Janet for more info.