Lady, Maggie, and Franky – 3 Cows for Murindi

Cows Lady Frankie Maggie Murindi

Murindi is a cooperative on the outskirts of Kigali that was founded by a group of women who were Genocide survivors. These are courageous, hard-working women who are raising cows in their small yards to sustain their community. Until now the cows have provided milk for the Murindi women and their children, with some milk sales outside the co-op. The women are trying to turn this enterprise into a small dairy.

On June 1, 2017, three full-grown, pregnant cows were delivered to Murindi, making a total of 8 cows that were donated through World Dance for Humanity. (They’ll be receiving two more cows in January of 2018.) We are also hoping to be able to buy them a plot of land to make the full dairy operation possible.

Each of the three cows delivered in June has a special donor who gave their cow a special name:

1 Cows Marie Murindi


Stina Hans’ cow, “Lady

In preparation for her son’s marriage last August, Stina asked Janet to help her with a wedding choreography. In exchange, she generously donated $1,000 toward a cow for Rwanda. She named her beautiful cow “Lady” so the women of Murindi who will benefit so much from this beautiful animal will respect her and give her loving care.





Cows Murindi

Pat Moylan’s cow,Maggie

Pat began her relationship with WD4H in 2014 when she donated 31 goats in honor of her 31 grandchildren. Since that time she has been sponsoring one of our students Rebecca Mukagitete, a girl who never dreamed she would have the chance to go to high school, until Pat stepped up to help her. Pat’s cow is named after one of her grandchildren, a young woman living in Florida who is very special to her.



Murindi Frankie womanSharon Kearin and the San Diego World Dancers

Franky was named by our San Diego World Dancers – in particular, by dancer Judy Mallory. In December of 2016, Judy’s 30 year-old daughter broke her back in a snow-boarding accident, and is now paralyzed from the waist down. Judy had lost her father, Frankie, the year before. He was a dairy farmer, and loved the fact that she was dancing and raising money to purchase cows. As an expression of their love and care for their friend Judy, the San Diego dancers named their 5th Rwanda cow “Frankie” after Judy’s beloved father.

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