Martin Luther King Rememberance

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“The arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Quoted by Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider

On Monday, January 19th, World Dancers helped open Santa Barbara’s MLK celebration at De la Guerra Plaza. We brought warm, passionate spirit to the day, sharing our message of service. We danced to the Inner Light choir’s joyful rendition of “Take the Shackles off My Feet So I Can Dance,” then got rocking with “Wade in the Water,” South African gospel song “Nginesi Ponono,” “Proud Mary,” and “We Are Family.”

We have beautiful PHOTOS and VIDEOS to share, thanks to:
Rob Hoffman, Kian Pardisi, Tom Spadoro, and Justin Thomas.

We are so grateful to our wonderful dancers who came and shared their spirit to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy:
Arlene Satterlee, Barbara Williams, Becky Spadoro, Betsy Davis, Cindy Lyons, Dale Zurowski, Danna Meade, Diana Repogle, Diane Norcross, Jackie Pruitt, Janet Reineck, Joan Melendez, Juanita Johnson, Larry Bilow, Leah Combs, Michele Lenaburg, Patty Hume, Robin Stampe, Starr Siegele, Theresa Yinger, and Zoraida Abresch

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Arlene Satterlee: “Joyful and exhilarating!”

Joan Melendez: “Blending our dancing with the Inner Light choir was fabulous! That’s what we strive for: working together, being one community. Together we brought sunshine and spirit to a foggy morning!”

Patty Hume: “Thanks for encouraging me to come. I had a ball. I found the event very moving and full of life. Martin Luther King is a true hero, with courage beyond imagination. It helped shed fears about having the nerve to perform with imperfection but heart for a like minded crowd. Dancing to a local choir made it feel like a community effort to celebrate and remember.”

Becky Spadoro: “I loved participating in this community event honoring Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and what he stood for. Showing love and respect to others is a message I want to live by and spread so thankful to be a part of this day in a joyful way with dance. And so great to team up with Mama Pat’s Inner light gospel choir! Let’s do that again!”

Juanita Johnson: “Our participation in this community event, sharing dance and music was really an honor. Being able to dance to the music of the Inner Light Choir made this even more meaningful. People came up afterward and commented on our smiles and how happy we made them feel. Wonderful morning!”

Barbara Williams: “I was very excited about this event because I knew what it stood for so even though I was a little nervous. I found the large crowd just as eager as I was to just have a good time which was evident as I pulled someone to dance with me at the end. He couldn’t stop smiling! I love being with WD4H for events everyone is so warm and inviting. It was truly an exhilarating experience!”

Robin Stampe: “World Dance has not only allowed me to express my feelings through dance but brought me closer to my community. Dancing on MLK Jr. Day was amazing! Exhilarating! Heartfelt and touching. You take a risk getting out there and dancing in public. You also give others permission to get out there and Dance! Sing! Shout! The best part is when spectators get up and dance with us. A total stranger gave me the warmest heartfelt Hug! Life is a struggle, but somehow people find a way to connect with each other and connect with their own inner strength. Music, singing, dancing keeps us all going!”


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