Mattresses for the Moms – Dancing for Joy!

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“From this very second, everything before in my life is history. I’m receiving a mattress today – something
I never dreamed of. We now have story to share with people who are in the situation I was in: miracles happen in a due time, we just need to be patient. Thank you to our donors!” Mediatrice

In honor of Mother’s Day last May, our World Dancers and supporters donated a total of $6,000 to purchase 120 mattresses for women in Rwanda who have been sleeping on thin mats on the ground their whole lives. The mattresses went to three of our Cooperatives: Copakika (Kigali Co-op), Komera (Courage), and Umunezero (Joy). We recently received a beautiful report on the mattress delivery from Justin, our Rwanda Program Director. Thank you so much to everyone who helped bring this simple but life-changing gift to these women and their families!


CLICK HERE to see a very special video of the women with their new mattresses!


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