Mattresses for the Mothers

1 mattress baby Every mother deserves a good night’s sleep.

 Imagine trying to sleep on a thin mat made from papyrus or banana leaves.

That’s what 102 mothers in our Rwandan communities do each night.

 This Mother’s Day, World Dance for Humanity is raising funds to buy mattresses for these women. Honor the mothers in your life by giving a woman halfway around the world a chance to wake up rested and ready to take on the survival challenges she faces each day.


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mattress JUSTIN“I remember when those mattresses arrived. Things changed when the women saw them – many crying with a lot of joy. These people would be able to collect money for mattresses before, but it was mattresses or food, not both. The World Dancers are doing what is beyond our imagination. Thank you for solving of a big problem for these people. Together we will bring changes and healing to the world.” Justin Bisengimana, WD4H Rwanda Program Director



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