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sign for world danceDuring January, February, and March of 2012, all World Dance class fees (above the cost of the studio) supported our project in Nepal. This project came to us from World Dancer Kari Isaeff, whose lifelong friend, Carol Vernal, is the founder of Children’s Medical Aid Foundation (CMAF) – a small nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished children and families in Nepal by responding to healthcare needs.

carol with kidsCarol is working with Debendra Karki, a native of Nepal with a PhD in Public Health, to reopen CHISANG CLINIC in his native village of Bhawanee, located in near the Indian border in Eastern Nepal. The clinic had to close in 2008 due to political unrest in the region. When it reopens, expanded and refurbished, it will serve 30,000 villagers in Bhawanee and the surrounding area. A grassroots Nepalese organization has been formed, the Chisang Service Committee, to retrofit and operate the clinic.

World Dance donated $3,000 to furnish two exam rooms in the village clinic.

Says Carol: “Having a room to provide patients with medical examinations, diagnosis and treatment, and health education, is vital to the community. World Dance should feel extremely proud to be facilitating the care and well-being of Nepalese families by providing this precious resource. A plaque in the exam room will be seen by every woman who enters the exam room. They will know there’s a group of women in Santa Barbara who care about them. That is magic.”

djunga grandmother

Dunga, a 51 year old women with six children, has gastritis, uterine prolapse and arthritic joints. When she visited the clinic, Dunga noticed the plaque as she entered the exam room. Not being able to read, she asked about it. When she was told that World Dance Santa Barbara donated the money to build and outfit the exam rooms, she simply placed her hands in the Namaste position and bowed her head while saying “Dhanebhat” which is Nepali for THANK YOU.  What more can be said? This is one of the many people who will find relief from their suffering at the Chisang Clinic.

A young mother asked Carol: “Why did women in Santa Barbara pay for these exam rooms?  They don’t know us.” Carol answered: “They may not know you personally but they know about the hard life of all the women living in Bhawanee and they care about you.” “Why?” the woman asked. “Because they are women that care about other women around the world who are in need love and support.”