Olga’s Goats to Dufatanye


135 Goats for the Women of Dufatanye

In 2018, World Dancer Olga Herrera-Pinal raised funds from her family and friends to provide 135 goats for Dufatanye Cooperative. This community was founded by women with AIDS and has been a WD4H partner since 2017. It is located 90 minutes north of Kigali on the main route to Volcano National Park, home of Rwanda’s famous mountain gorillas.The women are working hard, with our help, to create a sustainable income for their members and a better life for their children.

Olga’s goats were delivered on November 4th, and the co-op women had a big celebration to honor her!

VIDEO Dancing in celebration of Olga’s Goats

VIDEO – Examining the “Olga’s Goats” t-shirt

Olga with the Dufatanye women in July of 2018

Many of Olga’s friends named their goats – some gave Olga collars to bring with her to Rwanda. Meet one of Duftanye’s new goats, “Sunny”!

Examining the “Thanks Olga” t-shirt created by our Rwanda Team

Our team printed the names, which are taken very seriously by the co-op members, on the back of the Olga t-shirt!

Expressions of Gratitude from the Co-op Members:


Verene: “I feel I am where I have been dreaming of being for many years. The hope of my family is found. This moment will never be forgotten in the history of my co-op and my family. The community is going to see us as different people. We can easily see that a bright future is possible. Donors, you are creating life for all of us.”




Martha: “I can simply say that our lives had no meaning before we met our friends at World Dance for Humanity. Our community is changing – I feel we are becoming the conduit of great blessings. Thank you so much dear donors and friends for coming into our lives with the right tools we need to improve our lives.”




Beatrice (striped dress): “You are giving us meaning in our lives. We can completely see the results of working together. We have been blessed to be known by WD4H – they are providing the right tools for us to improve. These goats will give great value to our farms. Thank you so much our friends and donors!”




Georgette: “Our co-op had a lot of dreams about the future, and now we feel the dreams are becoming a reality. There was a time when I felt like giving up upon our dreams. These goats are bringing me back on track! They are building a strong hope that all is possible when you are connected with people of good hearts. I am very grateful to all of you who brought this blessing to us.”



Vestine: “We felt our love together was still very young and we did not expect so much from you, so early. Thank you for learning about our needs and responding to them so quickly. Our return to you will be to take good care of these goats so that your generosity will not be in vain.”




Marie Claire: “We cannot express our thanks enough! This is something we have been hoping for. These goats are going to be considered as the fruits of our love with donors. I wish we had a good way to tell you how much we thank you but what these goats are going to bring in our lives will tell you much better. We love you!”



Baptiste (in brown pants), Sector Leader: “The government alone cannot ensure community development – generous donors carry a heavy part. A goat in the remote village like this means a lot. This is the basis of the development we all want to see in these people. On behalf of the government, I express my gratitude to people who thought of this village this much. Together, we will make a good future possible.”




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