Online Campaign Goal Reached – $12,000 in 12 days!

Cause DONE


On March 22, 2015, World Dance for Humanity launched its first online campaign.
We set a goal to raise
$11,970 to buy 266 full-grown, pregnant goats for two Rwandan communities:
236 goats for Genda Ugire Utyo, 30 goats for Twirererabana.

Thanks to our supporters around the country, we reached our goal, with 24 hours to spare!

On April 4th, Rwanda enters a week of Genocide Remembrance. When this period of mourning and reflection is over, our Rwanda team will purchase and deliver the goats. By the end of April, our communities will be celebrating new life and a hopeful future with the arrival of these life-sustaining animals and you’ll have the full report and videos. Our deepest gratitude to everyone who made this possible.

Meet the communities we’re helping in the videos below.

Genda Ugiro Utyo:



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