Pamela & Jill’s “Zack” for Twiyubake

“Zack” ~ In Loving Memory

In July of 2018, Pamela Albert (a World Dancer and WD4H Board member) and her cousin Jill Pezzino (who lives in Pennsylvania), traveled to Rwanda to meet our communities. When they returned, they put their money together to be able to provide a cow for one of the co-ops. Their cow is named “Zack,” in loving memory of Jill’s son.

The cow was given to Twiyubake (“Let Us Build Ourselves Up”), a co-op within Never Again Fellowship in Eastern Rwanda. It was founded in 2008 by a small group of women who became craftswomen, producing an array of beautiful traditional Rwanda crafts they sell at local markets. They primarily depend on farming for sustenance, and the arrival of Zack is a great bounty to these industrious women.

VIDEO: Co-op Leader Jacqueline giving thanks for Zack

Expressions of Gratitude from Twiyubake Co-op Members:

Jacqueline, Co-op Leader: “World Dancers, you have been walking alongside us in so many areas of life. Our development depends so much on this connection we have with you. You have been so supportive in our handcrafts business, education of our children, our minds have been shaped by your trainings, and you have been concerned about our development through livestock. With the gift of this cow, we welcome Pamela and Jill into our family. We feel so much blessed to have them in our lives. Any time we see their cow, Zack, we will be thinking of them with love.”


Rose: “Your love keeps us move forward and having more courage to think and work toward a better future. It doesn’t matter about our age, I feel so much younger and energetic because I have been given something to do in my life. My whole time was filled with thinking about the past but now I am focused on my future and I am working very hard to make it possible and I can see it happening. Donors, you are a walking stick which prevents us from falling down. We stand firm, we are very strong because of you.”


Godeleva: “Looking after livestock is what I am best at. It brings me such joy to spend time care for our cow. We have started collecting fertilizer from her, and it will not be long until we start getting milk. I feed her, not just because I love her, but also because I know that soon she will start feeding me too. I want to thank our sisters who never stop from thinking about us. Our return is nothing but praying for your protection all the time.




Vestine: “We thank you so much for truly understanding what we wanted to improve our livelihood. Handcrafts isn’t enough to sustain us because it depends on customers and seasons. With cows, when it is not the time to milk, we get rich fertilizer that we can sell. You gave a true meaning to our lives. We are now women of hope and desire to create sustainable development. This cow is entering our development and we know the role she is going to play. Pamela and Jill, from today, please understand that you are part of who we are.”


Beatrice: “Our lives have been transformed so tremendously because of your willingness to help us. I don’t know how life would be if you did not show up. We experience your presence through everything you have done, striving with us for our development. Thank you so much for this other cow we are receiving from Pamela and Jill!”




Brigitte: “Today is the day we feel we need to celebrate love and kindness from our dear friends Pamela and Jill. We hope that our hearts are connecting so much, our desire is that God will help us become the same people like you, who will be looking after other people in need. Our huge return to you will be to do the same work you are doing. You have given us the right tools to take us there and this cow is one of those tools.”





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