Pamela’s Cow “A.J.” in Memory of Chris


Pamela’s Family Honors Her Nephew’s Memory
With a Cow Named “A.J.”


Pamela Albert, World Dancer and WD4H Board member, contributed this cow together with her family members. They named it “A.J.” which is the nickname of Adrianna Josephine, the daughter of Chris, Pamela’s nephew who passed away in October of 2017. Chris loved animals, and inspired this passion in A.J. See her in the photos above with a lizard, a calf, and with her beloved dad.

The cow was given to Ruganeheza (“Taking the Nation to a Better Future”) Cooperative, part of Never Again Fellowship, a group of co-ops founded by Genocide Perpetrators and Survivors, and the Twa (Pygmy) ethnic minority in an effort to survive and find peace together.

VIDEO: Singing and dancing for A.J. the Cow

VIDEO: Co-op members enjoying the photo of A.J. the Girl

Justin Bisengimana, WD4H Program Director: Cows have played a significant role in the development of Ruganeheza in so many ways. On top of economic development, they have been important in the reconciliation process by keeping members focused on their livelihood and their future, instead of the past. When co-op members learned the cow was to be named A.J. after the daughter of Pamela’s nephew who passed away, they said a prayer to comfort her family. We gave them a photo of A.J. in a frame, which they will cherish as a memorial to A.J.’s father, and as a symbol of love between her family and Ruganeheza.

“Ruganeheza co-op loves you so much our dear Pamela and your family”

“We extend our thanks to Pamela and her family for having donated this cow, A.J. to us.”










Expressions of Gratitude from Co-op Members

Sylivine, Co-op Leader: “Pamela, we thank you so much for your being so supportive to us. Beyond giving a cow to us, you have already established a huge connection between us and your family. We have learned about your family and what happened to your nephew, Chris. We feel your presence in us so much and our prayer is to see this connection growing so that we build on it and support other people around us.”


Josephine: “We are very sorry that A.J.’s father passed away, but on the other side we feel that she left a great lesson for all of us. We learned that he was animal lover. The memories he left on the earth are already being beneficial to us. For us having a cow named after his niece will be the foundation of our connection to her family. We pray that God continues to strengthen her family and giving them a new hope that life is possible even after losing such a beloved one.”



Valerie (in the gray dress): “This photo of A.J. holds a big memory in our lives. We will treasure it with great respect. We thank Pamela and her family to build this life-changing connection between us. A.J is going to represent your presence in our lives. The longer we have this cow, the more we will feel your presence in our lives.”








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