Rain Dance at Santa Barbara Mission

  • Dancing! Photo: Rob Hoffman

  • Dancers

  • Becky, Betsy, Teresa, Arlene Photo: Rob Hoffman

  • Leanne, Connie, Diana, Cindy

  • Monica Photo: Fritz Olenberger

  • Hands in prayer Photo: Fritz Olenberger

  • Leanne - joy!

  • Father Larry

  • Pete Crowheart Zavalia, Matthew Zepeda

  • Father Charles Photo: Fritz Olenberger

  • SB Mayor Helene Schneider Photo: Fritz Olenberger

  • Mama Pat's Inner Light Gospel Choir

  • Prayer Photo: Rob Hoffman

  • Prayer

  • Janet Louise Jackie Monica Celina

  • Diana, Becky, Diane, Zoraida, Danna

  • Jennifer & Connie

  • Janet, Father Larry, Teresa, Lucila

  • Teresa & Lucila

  • Monica, Danna, Barb

Dear Janet, Teresa, and members of the World Dance for Humanity,

I cannot begin to express the joy, love, beauty, and prayer you brought to everyone at Old Mission Santa Barbara for our Rain Dance gathering – celebrating together and expressing our common need. This day, and your leadership and dance, was an incredible inspiration and outpouring of the unity that is found within our community. It shows us and all what we can do in our compassionate and prayerful concern for others.

I know your purpose of “World Dance for Humanity” is a compassionate focus on the needs that surround us and others beyond our community. You are a beautiful expression of the loving concern, compassion, and creativity that can enrich our world with hope, vitality, vigor, and joy.

Thank you for bringing your grace to the Old Mission Santa Barbara, and for inviting me and all to participate in this unique and wonderful prayerful expression.

Graciously and sincerely yours,

Father Larry Gosselin, O.F.M.

We are grateful to photographers Peter Haslund, Rob Hoffman, Janis Hoppy, Ray Nowak, Fritz Olenberger and Tom Spadoro for BEAUTIFULLY capturing the event! See the photo collection here


Juanita Johnson - “Once we started to dance it was as if the audience couldn’t help becoming a part of us….sharing in the joy and freedom that dance and music brings. We helped to blur those lines of “us as performers” and “them as audience” so that we became truly one in community. It seems that each time we dance together, in service to others, the experience becomes more transformative, more powerful.”

Louise Janis – “Wasn’t it great how we were almost immediately joined in dance with our fellow Santa Barbarians! I felt like the event was not only a success – but very moving, hopeful and just a ton of fun! A song of prayer, rhythm of the drum, and joyful dance – opening our hearts to the sky, our smiles shining in the reflection of one another. I believe every person there walked away with a clearer intention of conserving water, being grateful for the abundance we have and trusting in mother Earth and ourselves to do our part.”

Lois Phillips – “Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to put roles, routines, and self-consciousness aside to have a wonderful time …dancing in community! The congenial group of dancers is terrific.”

Diane Gulotti – “Thank you so much for the fabulous time on Sunday! It was a beautiful community event, which brought so many people together to pray, sing and dance together – what great energy was generated! Thank you for being inspired to make it all happen. I’m very grateful to have a been a part of it!”

Becky Spadoro – “Yesterday was amazing with the whole community lifting our hands to God, the giver of life, to ask for his blessing of rain to our community. And our circle of prayer preparing for the program was also amazing. Thanks to Father Larry for his leadership.”

Diana Replogle-Purinton – “Yesterday was truly what Community is all about! Sharing our gift dance, Mama Pat’s gift of song, the Native Americans their music, and the Fathers sharing their spirit with Santa Barbarans from all walks of life. It felt amazing!!! As always, I LOVE dancing with the PEOPLE! I ended up with a circle of women including four young Latino girls, and an older women with her walker and her caregiver-eight of us joining hands and hearts for our community’s benefit and for our own joy in being alive!”

! Dancers stage 2

Mission in the rain by Chris Potter SIG


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  1. Justin Bisengimana May 6, 2014 at 12:51 am #

    What Father Larry Gosselin said about Janet and her team at WD4H is the same from what is being said in Rwandan community.
    With their compassionate focus ,these people have brought the rain of hope and joy upon my country Rwanda and so many lives are being transformed.
    I can simply say that their desire is to be used by God to transform human lives and destinies. We can see this through their faith and love accompanied by deeds.

    Justin Bisengimana

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