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WD4H Team (L to R): Dany Rukundo, Janet Reineck, Chantal Kubwimana, Justin Bisengimana, Judy Rwibutso, and Genevieve Feiner

WD4H Team (L to R): Dany Rukundo, Janet Reineck, Chantal Kubwimana, Justin Bisengimana, Judy Rwibutso, and Genevieve Feiner


Justin Mutoni Bess Brownlee

Rwanda Program Director

“I learned from my mother at an early age to be concerned about vulnerable people. My dream has always been to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

Born in Kigali in 1983, Justin spent much of his youth in Nakivale Refugee camp in Uganda. Returning to Rwanda as a young man, he obtained a degree in Travel and Tourism Management and trained in NGO management in Uganda and Kenya, gaining a Master’s Degree in Project Management. He worked as an administrator and operations manager for Care International and other international and local NGOs. He started working for Santa Barbara-based Goats for Life in 2009. When GFL founder Betsy Kain retired and handed her program to World Dance for Humanity, we hired Justin to continue the work he had begun. Justin and his wife Alice have three children and a supportive extended family.

Justin leads all of our community work in Rwanda. He has the practical skills, experience, and wisdom to implement a very successful, impactful program. And he is a true leader, dedicated heart and soul to helping the people of Rwanda improve their lives. He approaches the work with deep love and compassion, and long-term commitment. We are extremely blessed to be working with this extraordinary man.

! Justin with Tubehot Mukabirasa Madelline, goat 2

Justin with family 2015 c

Justin and baby goat



Justin Sherry Tubehotwese




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! Genda Dany

Assistant Program Director

Dany is one of seven children and ten grandchildren. He graduated from the National University of Rwanda in October, 2012 – Faculty of Arts, Media and Social Sciences. He served from 2012 to 2014 as Audit Manager for the One Acre Fund, an agriculture NGO. He joined the WD4H Rwanda Team in January 2014.

“I am good friend as my name Rukundo means ‘person who loves’. I love all people we work with, especially kids, particular the disable ones. As their testimonies are proving it, we are helping communities in extreme poverty to help themselves. They now have a value in their community. We bring hope to hopeless, reconciliation from working together, that good work. We are empowering them in what they are doing unlocking their potential for attend successful output by using small resources. Without doubt, I can say that our program is the important to our beneficiaries. I wish that can continue and expanding this program.

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Genda dance Chantal cCHANTAL KUBWIMANA
Rwanda Education Coordinator

Chantal is a crucial part of our Rwanda Team, involved in all aspects of the program, especially our Student Sponsorships. She knows every student we work with and their families, and helps ensure that these young people have the assistance they need to succeed in school. When we visited Rwanda in 2013, she was in college studying Rural Development. She came along on a few of our trips to the cooperatives and we could see how well she interfaced with the people. In 2014 she completed a college degree in Rural Development, got married, and in 2015 had a baby girl. She volunteers her time to help us with the community work.

Dear World Dance Team: After graduating I was so much interested in joining the program in one way or any other. I am working with cooperatives in their social and economic development. I am so much happy that I was given this opportunity; I feel I am doing what I really like.

1 Chantal Murindi Sherry1 Chantal with student 11 Celine Donah Chantal






! Judy follow-up DfG course Kampala 5-15-17

Rwanda Business Coordinator

Judy Rwibutso is the newest member of our Rwanda Team. She has a challenging job, working with all of the cooperatives on their collectively-run businesses – helping them envision, plan, launch, monitor, and develop the enterprises. Judy studied business at Parul University in Kigali, and after graduating served as Director of Admissions. She then worked for the Canadian nonprofit, Paper Crown Institute, mentoring young women in entrepreneurism and empowerment.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! Look forward to working with WD4H to further deepen the ties with the cooperatives, and realize the full potential of our partnership.”

Judy with Genda leader business

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