Rwanda Trip Video – Sharing the Experience

This past summer, 11 World Dancers and friends spent two weeks in Rwanda. It was an incredible trip that brought us closer to each other, and to the people we are working with there. We documented the entire experience so we could share it with you. Please – sit back, relax, and enjoy the intimacy and emotion of this journey.

Click here to see the full RWANDA TRIP VIDEO (51 minutes)

Click here for the short version (27 minutes)

Justin Bisengimana: “I don’t know how much time I will watch this video to be able to find what to say about it. I am crying and laughing the same time. This video looks very new for me. It seems that I was not with you. It makes me miss each traveler in so many ways. I am downloading it as I want to keep a CD to watch it any time and to share with others. Thank you so much Janet and Genevieve for taking which was done in more than ten days and make such a short message out of it. Everybody can now get a sense of what your Rwanda Trip means and who our communities are. Thank you so much for your time and a big heart you have for Rwanda.”

Olga Herrera Pinal: “What an amazing job Janet and Genevieve did making this trip video. How did they do that?  Bravo for condensed hours and hours of video into a short but thorough video that put me back and flooded me with heartfelt memories of Rwanda! I was in tears the whole video through. Thank you for documenting the memories of a lifetime experience.”

Annetta Patrick: “I just watched this all the way through. So fantastic! You have captured the essence of the trip. Emotion, energy, success, fellowship, pride of accomplishment, and loads of love.”

Regina Feiner: “The video was soooo inspiring – the smiling faces, dancing feet, and swiveling hips! It was like I was there and when I finally turned it off, I was shocked back into reality. I know now is the time to me to do something meaningful…”

Arlene Satterlee: “The video was a masterful job – the mingling, colors, joyful and extraordinary Rwandan faces, and small but powerful subtle touches – all were touching and meaningful.  Thanks for the huge generosity of spirit and helping us feel it.”

Jojo Barker: “For those of us fortunate enough to have shared time in Rwanda it was doubly sweet and meaningful to see the video, but for those who have not been, and even for those few for whom this was their first experience with the reality of Rwanda, it was a transforming experience. The video masterfully captures the spirit and experiences of both the travelers and the Rwandans as one community, with very different lives”

Vicki & Jim Chesher: “Not only did the video make clear the value of what World Dance is doing in Africa, how the co-ops and individuals have benefited with businesses and education etc., but just how much more meaningful it is when there is person to person interaction. I believe it is these friendships and ongoing relationships that will have the most long-range and far reaching impact. If all cultures could share their daily life experiences with such love & compassion what a different world it would be.”

Aaron Strockis (WD4H Intern): “I am completely humbled to be a part of such an amazing group of people. The compassion and commitment shown by each of the WD4H members is truly inspiring. Thousands of miles removed from the economic, social and psychological aftermath of the genocide and living in relative comfort, I think many Americans in general tend to lose an appreciation for the crises that face communities in other parts of the world. That’s why I was drawn to your organization in the first place, and that’s why it is so important to gain a first-hand perspective of our efforts through photography and film. I was floored by the footage from the trip. The messages of thanks from our beneficiaries and the warm reciprocation from the communities you visited were especially moving. Your organization truly deserves immense appreciation not only from those in Rwanda that directly benefit from World Dance, but also those in America who are indirectly impacted by your selfless efforts, myself included. I consider WD4H a role model for how to solve problems in the world for those in need. I recognize that my role in the organization is fairly limited compared to the endless time and energy that your team dedicates to make World Dance for Humanity a reality. Nevertheless, I am completely honored to be able to contribute in some small way to such a worthy cause.”

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