Sharon’s “Mickey” & Mary Jane’s “Riley”


Two Cows for Twisungane!

“Mickey” Donated by the San Diego World Dancers

Sharon Kearin and the San Diego World Dancers have been supporting our work since 2015, hosting dance regular Friday parties to raise funds to buy cows for our cooperatives. “Mickey,” their NINTH cow, was given in honor of one of their dancers, Teresa Bronson, whose husband Michael passed away in 2018.

VIDEO: Co-op members singing for Mickey

VIDEO: Belancille giving thanks to Sharon and her dancers

Belancille, Co-op Leader: “People used to just call us ‘those women with AIDS’ and we carried all the stigma that comes with that. Now they see us as important people who significantly contribute toward the community development. The stigma has been replaced by respect in our region. This new image was brought by our World Dance sisters. Since we met them life is no longer the same – you can easily tell from how we look. Thank you so much for connecting us to Sharon whose dancers are donating this cow, Mickey to us.”


Marceline: “Sharon, you gave us a success story to share with the entire community. We thank you so much for this cow, Mickey, which is going to be one of resources we have to boost our economic development. We love you so much and we pray that God may continue to help you in all your plans.”





Marie Jeanne: “Sharon, we know about you and your big heart towards our transformation. We haven’t met you but know that we can see you through this cow you sent us. Her steps make us feel your presence in us. Thank you for building this strong foundation of our friendship. Your deeds will always tell people who you are in our lives. Thank you for being one of generous people who are striving for our development, who has brought us out extreme poverty, isolation and serious rejection from others. You brought us back into life. We have you in our hearts all the time.


Eugenie: We welcome this cow, Mickey into our family. Very soon we start getting milk from her as she is pregnant. Our donor Sharon truly understood what we want as people of the village. This cow is going to do a great job in our development. I appreciate your willingness to serve the children of God this much.




“Riley” Donated by Mary Jane Baumgartner


When she heard of the death of her friend Annetta Patrick’s father, and knowing of Annetta’s deep commitment to our work in Rwanda, Mary Jane Baumgartner offered to donate a cow to one of our co-ops. Annetta named the cow Riley, after her beloved father, Thomas Riley, Jr. (pictured above).

VIDEO: Belancille thanking Mary Jane

VIDEO: Denise singing for Riley

VIDEO: Marceline’s Cow Poem for Riley

Clodette: “We truly believe that change is possible as long as you have people in service to humanity. Our sisters of World Dance must know what I am talking about. When they first found us, life was totally different from how we are now. We are NOW people of hope, confidence and respect in our society. The foundation of this success was built by those sisters through gifts of livestock and other support. Thank you so much Mary Jane for your acceptance to be part of those people who sacrifice for our future.”


Denise: “In my excitement, I am only able to say, “thank you” – and this holds every feeling I have in me about the receiving of this cow. Sometimes we think it is not for us until we see the donated gift in our community. This joy you brought us plays a big role in making us who we are. We are no longer hopeless people but people who see and touch their better future.”






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