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Our Rwanda Training Program

When we first met the Rwandans we are working with, very few had the resources or skills needed to find a path out of poverty. Our donations of goats, cows, student sponsorships, and small business support in response to their project plans has given them the means to change their lives. It’s our TRAINING program that give them a chance to implement these projects and own their transformation.


Chicken expert Justin visiting Cokawi chickens 1

Most rural Rwandans have figured out a way to care for their goats, cows, and chickens and grow their crops at a very basic level. Our Vet/Agri Training workshops help them develop their farming economies for greater yield and sustainability. The Vet course covers nutrition, breeding, and disease prevention, containment, and care. The Agriculture course includes crop rotation, composting, and other best practices for soil preparation and care.

“It was obvious that the participants really liked the Vet training. The course went from each day from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with a break for lunch. There were supposed to be other breaks during the day, but the participants were so excited about what they were learning, they pushed through without stopping! They asked so many questions about their livestock. Everyone talked about the meaning of the training for them and what new knowledge they would be taking back to their communities. Each made a detailed presentation about what they have achieved so far and their plans for a sustainable Veterinary program. They learned so much from each other in this way.” Justin Bisengimana, WD4H Program Director

CO-OP LEADERSHIP TRAININGLeader Training small group Chantal Clementine Devota Fran Collin 2646

The participants of this training are the elected leaders of our 25 cooperatives across Rwanda. It is a crucial part of our Program, guiding them and giving them the skills to face incredible challenges as the community members work together to rebuild their lives. The three-day course focuses on:

  • The courage it requires to be a heart-centered leader
  • The responsibility of transforming community life
  • The tangibles of leadership: grit, meaning, self-awareness, self-sacrifice, love, and resourcefulness
  • Professional management styles
  • Resiliency in facing challenges
  • Letting reason, not emotion, prevail in our decision-making

“Our leaders are care-givers and peace-builders. They cannot offer peace when they do not have peace in their own hearts. They learned about being compassionate listeners, and about blind spots that can have negative impacts on leadership and how to heal from them. I can’t stop my tears from coming down any time I think about our time together. There were moments when everyone was in tears, hearing about their experiences leading their communities, and the meaning this training has had for them. I have come to realize that this work of leading the cooperatives is the toughest and the most life-giving one, when you do it wholeheartedly. I hope the donor who made this training possible can feel how important the training was for us all. It has changed all of our lives.” Justin



Each December, we hold a three-day Leadership Training to give the high school and college students we support a chance to explore their future roles as leaders in their communities. Our goal is for the students to be able to act and think independently and find solutions to the challenges their communities face. Justin, who leads the training, works to instill in each student the “5 C’s”: confidence, connections, competence, character, and commitment. They also work on understanding what it means to be an entrepreneur. Each year our students from all over Rwanda have the chance to create a lasting bond with each other and with World Dance for Humanity.

“This Training has a great impact on the students – you can simply tell from the questions they ask during the session. Those who could not speak in public can now speak, those who had no self-confidence are finding strength and ability within themselves, and those who had no direction about their future are now understanding their responsibility to bring changes into their communities.” Justin Bisengimana


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Our three-day Business Training course for the business leaders in each of our co-ops focuses on Management, Leadership, and Basic Business Skill. It is led by our Rwanda Business Coordinator and Program Director, with guidance and oversight from the WD4H Business Committee. The course covers essential business concepts: identifying business opportunities, creating business plans, financial management, monitoring profit and loss, adjusting the plan, and calculating loan repayments. After each topic the participants work in small groups to discuss the concepts and test their understanding of the topic, then present their results to the larger group.

“Thanks to all people who contributed toward this opportunity. We had blind eyes about business but now our eyes are open, we know what we are going to do. We realized the base of mistakes we used to do. Now I understand what a budget is. I am able to calculate the profit now. It is very huge for me and my cooperative. We are going to do a professional work.” Leoncie Nyiranziza – Abakundana Co-op President


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