“Striving for Peace” – Business Expansion

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Abaharaniramahoro’s Event Rental Business…A Success!

Co-op Population: 390
Business Launch: June 2017
Start-up Investment: $1,000

Abaharaniramahoro (“Striving for Peace”) started out as a “singing cooperative,” occasionally earning money for the community by performing at local events. There came a time when they realized that singing alone was not going to sustain them, so they explored other income-generation ideas. They also started farming together to subsidize their meager income. After some time, they came up with the idea of adding value to their singing business by offering event rentals for weddings, baptisms, funerals, meetings, and concerts. They started with a few decorations and equipment they were able to purchase. The co-op made a request to WD4H to purchase addition assets, and the P&G Alumni Foundation grant fulfilled this, enabling them to expand their business and create a successful, sustainable enterprise.

Everyone who gets married in Rwanda has to have the customary decorations and equipment, regardless of their economic situation. Abaharaniramahoro is the first group to offer wedding rentals in the district of Kayonza where they are located. Before they launched their business, people had to go far and wide for these rentals.

The co-op expected to net $108/month in 2017, but exceeded their goal, earning an average of $115/month, as you can see on their Business Tracking chart, attached. With the money they have earned, they have saved $120 toward the purchase of a large tent, which will greatly enhance their rental offerings.

In addition to the high demand for their services, Abaharaniramahoro has a special advantage: because of their experience as singers, performing in many events through the years, they don’t need to hire an expert to do the work for them. When servicing an event, all the co-op members take part in the preparation, transport, and execution. They’re very skilled in this, and are able to do their work very fast, which gives them another competitive advantage. They also hire out as singers for the events, which gives a value-added component to their business.

Abaha Event Video (starts at minute 5:00)

Abaha event decorations

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