Student Leadership Training – A Journey of Transformation


“It was so amazing to see how all the students participated at the training. They shared so many ideas and asked such important questions. We could see that they are already leaders, already applying their leadership skills into their lives.”  – Rwanda Program Director, Justin Bisengimana

On December 20th, 121 of our high school and college students attended our 3rd annual three-day Leadership Training in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city. They came to explore the opportunity they have, and the responsibility they bear, in leading their communities out of poverty. They came to develop the mindset and skills needed to make this happen: confidence, connections, competence, character, and commitment.

And they came to deepen the bond they share as part of the World Dance community. Connecting with students from all over Rwanda has meant so much in their lives. Orphans who had no family now one. Those who had no friends are developing lasting friendships.

We can see the impact of these trainings when we meet our students in Rwanda, when we watch the videos we receive during the year, and when we hear about the students starting their own small businesses. They now have hope for the future and the skills to change things for the better- all thanks to their WD4H Sponsors and the Leadership Training!

Videos from the Leadership Training

The person responsible for this is our inspired, dedicated, and highly skilled Rwanda Program Director, Justin Bisengimana. He has a theme for each year, so the students can build upon their knowledge and experiences:

2014: Our responsibility to community development – Help students discover who they are, what their purpose is in life, and the role they can play in developing their communities.
2015: Starting our leadership journey today – The students worked on the skills needed to become heart-centered leaders.
2016: Expanding leadership capacity – The students are now active leaders in their communities, working on ways to handle the challenges they’re facing, learning to:
  • Behave as leaders at school and in their communities
  • Show other students what it means to take on responsibility in their community
  • Understand and commit to this work as the foundation of their future
  • Develop confidence in creating productive enterprises within their cooperative
  • Build on what their parents have started and lead from there




Marcia Warrecker, World Dancer : Seeing my student Irakoze’s smiling face and hearing his happy voice during our Skype with Rwanda made my heart sing! What a wonderful future we will have when he and his fellow leaders-in-training step on out onto this world’s stage. Africa has already given us great souls like Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, and Wangari Masaii. So glad there’s more bright and beautiful youths waiting in the wings! Please let Justin know how much I appreciate his untiring endeavors.






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