Students in Need of Sponsors for 2018!

Student Cadet August 2016

Each of the students pictured below is from one of the 25 Rwandan cooperatives supported by World Dance for Humanity. Each has demonstrated a fervent desire to finish high school and the ability to succeed. Many of them began high school with a scholarship from the Rwandan government, but these funds are no longer available. That’s why some of them are in their twenties, hoping some day to be able to return to school, get a high school diploma, and perhaps go on to college or vocational school. They are all from very poor families, and without our support, they have no chance of continuing school.

These young people come from remote rural areas, and the schools they would attend, starting in January, are boarding schools that offer primitive accommodations but a solid education. High school tuition, room, and board at one of these schools is $350/yr. (We also have a college student in need of a sponsor, Deoluc, whose tuition is $1,000/yr.)

We ask our Sponsors to pay as much of their student’s tuition as they can afford each year. WD4H covers the balance through our Thriller fundraising event in October and donations. We also call upon each Sponsor to write their student in June and December, and email their letter, with a photo, to Janet.

We’re confident we can find Sponsors for all of the students below, and have invited them to attend our Student Leadership Training, December 21-24. There they will become part of our WD4H student community, and learn the skills and knowledge they’ll need to help lead their cooperatives into the future.

Email Janet to sponsor a student. Click here to meet all of our sponsored students.

The relationship you will build with your student
will be life-changing for both of you!