Sponsor a Rwandan Student!

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World Dance for Humanity is helping 166 students attend school in 2018. We are seeking Sponsors for the students below who are from the cooperatives we support. Some of these students began high school with a scholarship from the Rwandan government, but these funds have dried up and many students were forced to drop out of school. They are all from very poor families, and without our support they have no chance of continuing school. With our help, they have a promising future ahead. Some will finish with a high school diploma, some will go on to vocational school, others will finish college. All of them understand that they are to use the skills and knowledge acquired at school and through our Leadership Training to help lead their community out of poverty.

The students come from remote rural areas and the schools they attend are boarding schools that offer primitive accommodations but a solid education. Tuition, room, and board for high school is $350/yr. (We have one college student in need of a sponsor, Deoluc, whose tuition is $1,000/yr.)

We ask our Sponsors to pay their student’s tuition each year, if possible, and to write to their student several times a year. (See a sample letter under the photos below.)

Rest assured, the relationship you will build with your student will be life-changing for both of you.

Please look at the students below, and email Janet at janet@wd4h.org with the name of the student you would like to sponsor!


Here is a SAMPLE LETTER from one of our Sponsors to her student. It’s just the right length and amount of detail (Justin translates each letter into Kinyarwandan so we keep the letters pretty short). It’s easy to understand and has good questions:

Dear Josiane,

How are you? How are your studies going? I hope you are enjoying your activities, and learning a lot. How is your family? What do you do in your time that you aren’t going to school or studying?

I used to be a teacher, and now I am a student again! I am going to the local college to learn more about computers, and also taking yoga and dance classes. I also like to walk with friends or my daughter on the beach here, and I love to read books.

My husband and I are going to take a trip to visit some friends who live in New Mexico, a different state from California where we live. I haven’t been there since I was a little girl, so I am excited to see a new part of my country.

I hope you are well, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Love, your friend, Dee