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During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, almost all of the schools were destroyed and many of the teachers were killed. An entire generation lost the chance for an education. Some students were able to go back to school with help from the government, but in recent years this well has dried up, leaving them again without hope for an education or a future.

World Dance for Humanity works hard to raise the funds each year to make sure that the young people in the communities we serve can go to school. When we started our program in 2013, most of the students we helped were in primary school – a few in high school. All that has changed, now that the families we’re working with have a dependable income and the means to send their children to primary school. Our focus now is high school and college students. Click here to see VIDEOS of our students.

In 2018 and 2019, World Dance for Humanity will enable 157 Rwandan students to attend school – 7 Primary, 93 High School, and 57 College students – with the help of our Student Sponsors, Thriller proceeds, and donations.

Our Rwanda Team meets with the students three times during the year to check up on their progress and offer extra support where needed. In December, we hold a three-day Student Leadership Training for the high school and college students. It is an extraordinary, life-changing experience for the participants, giving them the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become the leaders of their communities. Click here to see the 2017 Student Leadership Training Report.

Each of our students has a WD4H Sponsor they communicate with during the year. It is so meaningful to the students to know there is someone who cares about their education and their future, and they are incredibly grateful for the chance they have been given. Becoming a Sponsor is easy. All you need to do is write your student a few times a year and send a few photos by email via Janet. The relationship you will build with your student will be life-changing for both of you! It costs about $100/year for primary school, $350/year for high school, $1,000/year for college. Most of our Sponsors cover all or part of the cost for their student to go to school, but this is not required. If a Sponsor cannot afford their student’s tuition, WD4H will cover the cost through Thriller and donations. Email Janet to learn more about Sponsoring a student.


You can change a life with the click of a button:

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Or write a check to WD4H and send to 906 Nopal St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103


Abel Mugabantwali
Aisha Nyirabuhoro
Alice Impanoyimana
Murindi Aline Usanase portrait (1024x683)
Aline Usanase
Tubehotwese Alpha Ntwari Cyuzuzo portrait (1024x683)
Abakundana Alphonse Ntibaziyaremye portrait (1024x768)
Alphonse Ntibaziyaremye
Ruganeheza Amani Mugabe portrait (1024x683)
Amani Mugabe
Ange March 2018
Ange Mwiyitiyizina
Ejo Habo Angelique Abayisenga portrait (1024x683)
Angelique Abayisenga
Twirererabana Angelique Abizeyimana portrait (1024x768)
Angelique Abizeyimana
Abakundana Angelique Muhimpundu portrait (1024x768)
Angelique Muhimpundu
Murindi Angelique Muhoza portrait (1024x683)
Angelique Muhoza
Anita Akimana
Ejo Habo Anita Mahoro Sada portrait (1024x683)
Anita Mahoro Sada
Abadacogora Annick Byukusenge portrait (1024x683)
Annick Byukusenge
Tubeho Appoline Dusabimana portrait (1024x683)
Appoline Dusabimana
Abadacogora Assinatha Niwemutoni portrait (1024x683)
Assinatha Niwemutoni
Ruganeheza Beatrice Akayezu portrait (1024x768)
Beatrice Akayezu COLLEGE GRADUATE!
Abishyizehamwe Beatrice Umutoni portrait (1024x683)
Beatrice Umutoni
Abakundana Belise Fine Ikuze portrait (1024x768)
Inyabutatusabana Benjamin Uwayisaba portrait (1024x683)
Benjamin Uwayisaba
Murindi Blaise Karangwa portrait (1024x683)
Blaise Karangwa
Boaz studying c
Boaz Mugisha
Genda Brenda Kayitesi portrait (1024x768)
Murindi Cadet Kwizera portrait (1024x683)
Cadet Kwizera
HIGH SCHOOL: Calpophore Nzeyimana is an 18 year-old boy from Kungabu Cooperative who lives with his mother who has AIDS, and his siblings. His father died and his mother is no longer able to finance his education.
Calpophore Nzeyimana
Celestin Ukobizaba
Celestin Ukobizaba
Kungabu Celine Dushime portrait (1024x768)
Celine Dushime
Ruganeheza Celine Nyirahabimana portrait (1024x768)
Celine Nyirahabimana
Chance Sandrine Uwiringiye
Umunezero Chantal Mukeshimana portrait (1024x768)
Chantal Mukeshimana
Chantal Uwimana
Twiyubake Chantal Uwineza portrait (1024x683)
Chantal Uwineza
Charles Brice Niyigaba is a 13 year old boy from the Kungabu Cooperative. He has one brother and 2 sisters. He’s in senior 1. He only has a mother who is also looking after the rest of the family.
Charles Brice Niyigaba
Imbereheza Charles Rwomushana portrait (1024x683)
Charles Rwomushana
SPONSORED BY JENNEFER - Christella Mwizerwa Nshuti is a 12 year-old girl in the first year of high school from Kungabu Cooperative. Her parents were only able to pay for her primary school education.
Christella Mwizerwa Nshuti
Christian Irakoze
Murindi Christian Uwayezu portrait (1024x683)
Christian Uwayezu
Christine Niyonsenga
Christine Umurerwa
Abishyizehamwe Christophe Ndayisaba portrait (1024x683)
Christophe Ndayisaba
Komera Claude Munyaneza portrait brouchure
Claude Munyaneza
Genda Claudia Kamaliza portrait (1024x683)
Claudia Kamaliza
Ejo Habo Claudine Imaniriho portrait (1024x683)
Claudine Imaniriho
Twirererabana Claudine Uwambajimana portrait (1024x768)
Claudine Uwambajimana
Komera Clement Nshyimiyimana portrait 2 (1024x768)
Clement Nshyimiyimana
Ejo Habo Clementine Uwamahoro portrait (1024x683)
Clementine Uwamahoro
Cynthia Umubyeyi is a 15 year-old girl whose father died and her mother doesn’t have the means to pay for her school fees.
Cynthia Umubyeyi
Imbereheza Daniel Mbarushimana portrait (1024x683)
SPONSORED BY NASH - Danutha Abayo is a 17 year-old girl from Cokawi Cooperative who lost her mother when she was born. She doesn’t know her father who left just before she was born. She was adopted by her aunt and has a brother from a step-father.
Danutha Abayo
Daris Mugisha Abayisenga is sa 4 year old boy whose mother rejected by her husband the day after she had the baby. From that time she started struggling emotionally and financially. He has no siblings, his mother is very poor and doesn’t have a house. With no income source of her own, the co-op helps her pay rent, food, and healthcare.
Daris Mugisha Abayisenga
Dufatanye David Ishimwe portrait (1024x768)
David Ishimwe
David Nshimiyimana
Cokawi Dear Rosette Iribagiza portrait (1024x683)
Dear Rosette Iribagiza
Umunezero Debora Iragena portrait (1024x683)
Debora Iragena
Imbereheza Denise Igabe portrait (1024x683)
Denise Igabe
Denise Mutuyimana
Denise Mutuyimana
Twirererabana Denyse Mutuyimana portrait (1024x683)
Denyse Mushimiyimana
Komera Deoluc Hageniyaremye portrait (1024x768)
Deoluc Hageniyaremye
Ejo Habo Diana Uwayo portrait (1024x683)
Diana Uwayo
Umunezero Dieudonne Mutabaruka portrait (1024x683)
Dieudonne Mutabaruka
Icyerecyezo Donah Mukabarisa portrait (1024x683)
Donata Mukandayisenga
Donata Mukandayisenga
Dudley Hirwa  is a 10 year-old boy whose mother was rejected by her husband. She's not able to finance his education.
Dudley Hirwa
Twirererabana Egidia Mukamuana portrait (1024x683)
Egidia Kayitesi
Twirererabana Egidia Mukamuana portrait (1024x683)
Egidia Mukamunana
Elie Gisubizo
SPONSORED BY DAVID - Elisa Yumvabayisenga is a 17 year-old young man from the Twiyubake Cooperative who was abandoned by his father. He stays with his 3 siblings in the house of their neighbor.
Elisa Yumvabayisenga
Elise Usanase
Elise Aki
Elise Akimana
Elisee Byiringiro
Elyse Byiringiro
Twiyubake Emerise Uwizeyimana portrait (1024x683)
Emerise Uwizeyimana
Emma Faustine Uzayisenga
Emma Faustine Uzayisenga
Twisungane Emmanuel Habimana portrait (1024x683)
Emmanuel Habimana
Cokawi Emmanuel Kwihangana portrait (1024x683)
Emmanuel Kwihangana
Murindi Emmanuel Turatsinze portrait (1024x683)
Emmanuel Turatsinze
Ejo Habo Emmanuel Twahirwa portrait (1024x683)
Emmanuel Twahirwa
Abakundana Emmanuela Sano portrait (1024x683)
Emmanuela Sano
Inyabutatusabana Eric Bikorimana portrait (1024x683)
Eric Bikorimana
Tubehotwese Eric Mico portrait (1024x683)
Eric Mico
Kungabu Eric Ndagijimana portrait (1024x683)
Eric Ndagijimana
Cokawi Eric Eric Ndaye Irunga portrait (1024x683)
Eric Tuyizere
Eric Tuyizere
Twiyubake Erinestine Dushimimana portrait (1024x768)
Erinestine Dushimimana
COLLEGE: Esperance Mujawamariya is 31 years old, from Kungabu Co-op. She was just accepted to college, after waiting for 7 years! She does not have a father and her mother is too poor to help with her education. She wants to study Hotel and Tourism Management so she can help in the development of this aspect of her co-op’s fish farming business.
Esperance Mujawamariya
Umunezero Evariste Hakizimana portrait brouchure (1024x683)
Evariste Hakizimana
Ezira Mucyo is a 16 year-old boy from a poor family with 3 brothers and one sister.
Ezira Mucyo
Tubehotwese Ezzra Nyirimanzi portrait (1024x683)
Ezzra Nyirimanzi
Fabien Murenzi
Ejo Habo Fabiola Mutesi portrait (1024x683)
Fabiola Mutesi
Abakundana Febronie Uwase portrait (1024x683)
Febronie Uwase
Twiyubake Felicite Kampire portrait (1024x683)
Felicite Kampire
Icyerecyezo Felix Nshimiyimana portrait (1024x683)
Felix Nshimiyimana
Umunezero Fiacre Dusingizimana portrait (1024x768)
Fiacre Dusingizimana
Fiette Umwizerwa
SPONSORED BY JAMIE & JIM KWAKO! Fleur Adjibu Isimbi is an orphan, adopted by her aunt who is a Genocide survivor. She is 16 years old, a senior in high school.
Fleur Adjibu Isimbi
Florence Mugiraneza
Florence Mugiraneza
Florentine Nyiransabimana
Francoise Mukaruhimbi
Francoise Nyirahafashimana
Francoise Nyirahafashimana
Frank Ngabonziza is an 18 year-old boy whose parents have 8 other children - they can't afford to send them all to school.
Frank Ngabonziza
Gadi Dushime
Gadi Dushime
Gideon Ntivuguruzwa
Gedeon Ntivuguruzwa
Gentille Nsengimana
Gentille Nsengimana
Gerard Ndayisenga
Gideon Hakizimana is a 16 year-old boy from a poor family. He dropped out for one year due to lack of school fees.
Gideon Hakizimana
Grace Umuhoza
Halima Uwimana
Henriette Umubyeyi Kayabo is a 15 year-old girl from a poor family that was only able to finance her first three years of secondary school.
Henriette Umubyeyi Kayabo
Honolyne Giramata
Honolyne Giramata
Hyacinth Uwimana
Hyguette UWASE
Hyguette Uwase
Illuminee Mushimiyimana
Indiane Ishimwe
Jacqueline Uwase
Jacqueline Uwase
Jamillah Iragena is a 20 year-old girl living with her mother, who is unable to pay for her school, which meant she was out of school for four years.
Jamillah Iragena
Janvier Tuyishimire
Jean Aime Ndagijimana is a 21 year-old orphan boy who was adopted by his uncle who is unable to pay school fees for him.
Jean Aime Ndagijimana
Jean Baptiste Tuyizere is a 20 year-old boy who has been out of school for 3 years due to lack of school fees.
Jean Baptiste Tuyizere
Jean Baptiste
Jean Baptiste Twizey
Jean Bosco Ntaganira
Jean Bosco Ntaganira
Jean Bosco
Jean Bosco Twizeyimana
Jean Claude
Jean Claude Mugisha
Jean Claude Twungubumwe is an 18 year-old boy, the second of 4 children. He was conceived as the result of his mother being raped. His father rejected the mother after learning she had AIDS.
Jean Claude Twungubumwe
Jean Damascene Nkundiye
Jean De Dieu
Jean De Dieu Murwanashyaka
Jean De Dieu Niyonsenga is a 16 year-old orphan boy who lives with his 6 siblings.
Jean De Dieu Niyonsenga
Jean Gakuru
Jean Gakuru
Jean Marie
Jean Marie Sibomana
Jean Marie Vianey Ndayishimiye is a 16 year-old boy whose parents are very poor and have other 7 children - they are not able to send all of them to school.
Jean Marie Vianey Ndayishimiye
J.M.V. Tumushime
Jean Marie Vianney Tumushime
Jean Niyonshuti
Jean Niyonshuti
1 Jean Pierre Habineza
Jean Pierre Habineza
Jeanette Mukabugingo
Jeanne Mutesayire
Jeannette Byukusenge
Jeannette Mukantagungira
Jeannette Nyirahabimana
Jeannette Nyirahabimana
Jeannette Uwingabire
Jesca Kayitesi is an 17 year-old orphan girl who was adopted by a co-op member who cannot afford to pay for her schooling.
Jesca Kayitesi
Jolivet Mike Ishimwe
Jolivet Mike Ishimwe
Josee Benefique Dufitimana
Josee Benefique Dufitimana
Irakoze Josee
Josee Irakoze
Joselyne Abayisenga
Joseph Tuyambaze
Josiane Ingabire
Josiane Ingabire
Copakika Josiane Iradukunda portrait (1024x683)
Josiane Iradukunda
Josiane Munganyinka
Josiane Munganyinka
SPONSORED BY MARCIA -  Josianne Niwemutoni is a 16 year-old girl from Dufatanye Cooperative. She has been out of school for a year because her parents are no longer able to pay her school fees. She has 5 siblings.
Josianne Niwemutoni
Josianne Uwizeyimana
Josue Mugisha
Amen Joveste Irakoze
Joveste Amen Irakoze
Jovy Kakwezi
1 Jules Rudasingwa
Jules Rudasingwa
Juliet grad friends c
Laurence Muzirankoni
Laurette Niyomukiza is a 14 year-old girl who has been out of school for 2 years due to lack of school fees.
Laurette Niyomukiza
1 Lazare April 2018
Lazare (Razaro) Ntigurirwa
Liliane Ingabire
Liliane Ingabire
Liliane Muhoza
Liliane Muhoza
Liliane Niyomubyeyi
Liliane Uwayisaba
Madeleine Nyirangendahimana is a 21 year-old young woman who did not have the means to finish high school. She is one of the new orphans at Ejo Habo orphanage.
Madeleine Nyirangendahimana
Marceline Dusengimana
Margarithe Nsabimana
Marie Claire
Marie Claire Cyizanye
Marie Louise Tuyirate is a 12 year-old girl whose father has AIDS, and most of their money goes to healthcare as he is sick much of time.
Marie Louise Tuyirate
Marie Paul Iyandutiyebyose is an 18 year-old girl, a senior in high school, who has 6 siblings - it is difficult for their parents to send all the children to school.
Marie Paul Iyandutiyebyose
Marie Therese Uwitonze is a 19 year-old young woman who did not have the means to finish high school and is living with her stepmother who is very poor.
Marie Therese Uwitonze
1 Miriam Shema
Miriam Shema
Mordakayi Niyomugabo
Mordecai Niyomugabo
Mouhamad Sembajya Kwizera is a 16 year-old boy whose parents have 3 other children in school and can't afford for him to go to school.
Mouhamad Sembajya Kwizera
Nadette Patience Kwizera  is a 19 year-old girl whose parents cannot continue to support her education, as they are a poor family with other children to care for.
Nadette Patience Kwizera
Nadia Umurungi
Nadia Umurungi
Abadacogora Nalada Keza portrait (1024x683)
Nalada Keza
Odilla Niyibizi
Olive Mugeni is a 13 year-old orphan girl who was adopted by her aunt who is Genocide widow.
Olive Mugeni
Olive Mukantagara
Olive Uzayisenga
Olive Uzayisenga
Pacifique Bimenyimana
Pacifique Bimenyimana
Pascal Uwimpuhwe
Patience Bagwire from Abasangirangendo Cooperative is a 21 year-old girl who has been out of school for three years. She was born to a poor family and her parents are only able to finance school for a few of her 5 siblings.
Patience Bagwire
Patrice Igiraneza
Copakika Patrick Niyigena portrait (1024x683)
Patrick Niyigena
Peace Benegusenga
Peace Heshanyu
Pendo Patrick Niyongira
Pendo Niyongira
Penina Ibyishaka
Phenias Nsengiyumva
Rachel Uwonyisabye
Rebecca Iradukunda is a 14 year-old orphan girl living with a co-op member. She  had to drop out of school for two years due to lack of school fees.
Rebecca Iradukunda
Rebecca Mukagitete
Robert Sibomana is a 14 year-old boy who couldn't begin high school because his mother didn't have the means to finance him.
Robert Sibomana
Samuel Niyonkuru is a 20 year-old boy who lives with his mother who was rejected by her husband.
Samuel Niyonkuru
Samuel Ntivuguruzwa
Samuel Nzayisaba is a 9 year-old boy, one of the new orphans at Ejo Habo orphanage.
Samuel Nzayisaba
Sandrine Niyonsenga
Sandrine Nyiramwiza
Sandrine Tumukunde
Sandrine Tumukunde
Sarah Uwimpuhwe is a 15 year-old girl whose father is handicapped due to the Genocide and is unable to provide for his 5 children.
Sarah Uwimpuhwe
Sereman Nkurunziza
Seleman Nkurunziza
Sifa Sylvie Mwamini
Sifa Sylvie Mwamini
Sixbert Ngabo is an 18 year-old boy  from a poor family with 7 other children.
Sixbert Ngabo
Solange Mudahogora
Solange Mukantambara
Solange Mukantambara
Sylidio Rusenyanteko
Theoneste Murindangabo
Theophile Ngabonziza
Theophile Ngabonziza
Thomas Bigirimana is a 20 year-old boy who lives with his mother who was rejected by her husband.
Thomas Bigirimana
Valens Bimenyimana
Vanessa Umwali
Vincent Dusengimana is a 20 year-old boy who had to drop out of school for two years due to lack of funds.
Vincent Dusengimana
Viollette Nyirandayambaje is a 25 year-old young woman who did not have the means to finish high school. She is one of the new orphans at Ejo Habo orphanage.
Viollette Nyirandayambaje
Winy Bamurange
Yvette Dusabe is an orphan at our Ejo Habo orphanage-cooperative. She is 20 years old, in her 5th year of high school.
Yvette Dusabe
Yvette Kabatesi
Yvone Ishimwe is a 15 year-old girl whose mother is ill and cannot pay Yvone's school fees.
Yvone Ishimwe
Yvone Mukeshimana