Health Insurance for Vulnerable Community Members

! TY Health card group

Health Insurance for Vulnerable Members of our Communities

by Justin Bisengimana, WD4H Program Director

Our cooperatives all strive for economic development, but they cannot achieve this without access to healthcare. In order for a family to receive care at public health clinics, they must be able to cover the annual fee for each member which averaged $4.63 in 2017. Thanks to the progress being made in our communities through our partnership with WD4H, many of our co-op members can now pay for their health cards. Others are not yet able to do this, and it puts them at risk.

In 2017, these health concerns were answered by Jojo and David Barker and Annetta Patrick who covered the cost of health insurance for 910 people in our co-ops who could not afford them. Jojo and Annetta, because of your generosity and love you have for Rwandans, your name is well known and is deep into their hearts. You mean so much in the lives of these community members. You need to be proud of your support that is changing many lives in Rwanda!

Videos from health insurance recipients

Genda Health cards kid

Health Card Kampire’s family

Cokawi Health card group

Tubeho health cards group

Tubehotwese health cards kids

! TY Health card kid

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