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At 3:00pm on Saturday, October 25, 2014, hundreds of World Dance Zombies arose rise from the lawn of the Santa Barbara Courthouse Sunken Gardens to perform Michael Jackson’s iconic dance as part of a global phenomenon, Thrill the World. This was the 5th year World Dance hosted Thriller Santa Barbara. The experience included 10 days of fabulous flashmobs. It’s was fantastic opportunity for dancers and non-dancers to take part in an incredibly fun community event!


The Thriller Story has been documented in 3 videos created by JUSTIN THOMAS and ANDY WEED
who so GENEROUSLY offered their time and talent to capture the experience for us all to enjoy!


With 2014 donations in, we can now share the results of our Thriller and year-end fundraising efforts.
Our (lofty!) 2014 goal was $35,000 for the Rwanda Education Fund and local charities.
(The Thrill for Humanity video below says we raised $23,000. That’s old news!)
Thanks to our AMAZING dancers and donors, the final amount raised was…


In Santa Barbara, we donated $1,200 (each) to 3 local charities:

  Westside B&G Clarisse Sponsorship THIS ONEAHA lo cSanta Maria B&G Club Check presentation lo c

  • WESTSIDE BOYS & GIRLS CLUB to will be able to hire a Math Tutor for at-risk 4th to 6th graders. They have also sponsored one of our Rwanda students, Clarisse.
  • AHA TEEN PROGRAM will use the donation for their after-school program that teaches problem-solving, compassionate communication, stress management, and personal accountability.
  • SANTA MARIA VALLEY BOYS & GIRLS CLUB will buy cameras for all the kids to participate in a national photography contest.

The remaining funds will be used to send 120 Rwandan young people to school!

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