Tubeho Bakery is Open for Business!

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Can you smell the aroma of warm baked goods wafting from Rwanda?

The Tubeho “Let Us Live” Cooperative was started in 2011 by 35 men and women most of whom have AIDS. There are now 170 people in the community surviving on the small crops they grow. The goats and cows we gave them provide fertilizer for their crops and income to pay for health cards, send the children to primary school, and cover basic needs.

1 Tubeho Bakery staffEach of our co-ops is working on plans to start a business to produce a sustainable  income for their communities. Tubeho started thinking about building a bakery in 2010, with the only dependable source of baked goods 90 minutes away in Kigali.

In April of 2014 they received a loan from World Dancer Diana to rent a small house to use as a shop, build an oven, and purchase materials and equipment. They hired an experienced baker for 5 months to teach them the trade.

It took long time to find a good piece of land to build their bakery on, get construction permits, obtain construction materials, and find the right people to help them with the oven construction. Finally, on April 28, 2015, the community celebrated the official opening of the bakery! Their first target customers will be their own community; as the project develops they plan to supply bread to shops and schools in their region.

Justin’s Report:

1 Tubeho bakery signDiana is very well-known in this co-operative. On the day of the bakery opening they celebrated her with signs on walls, as she is the donor to their bakery project. They really have a reason to be thankful to her: she kept them into hope and she helped them turn their dreams into a reality.

They also welcomed Betsy Stivers as their Business Advisor who will keep watch over the business.

Everyone could easily imagine how much hope was created in this community through this project. They are experiencing the reality of their dreams to own a bakery in such a remote area.

These are various types of bakery products they will be making; big bread, small sandwiches, fritters and small cakes:

2 Tubeho bakery goods bread2 Tubeho bakery goods sweets2 Tubeho bakery goods rolls2 Tubeho bakery goods heart tins

1 Tubeho bakery ribbonThis is something to be grateful for in our rural area. It is such a great contribution toward community development, not just for these co-op members, but the entire community will be benefiting from this project. When I look at how the construction was done, it really gives me hope that everything that will be done inside will be of a good quality. I wish your donor would be here but I hope my message of gratitude will reach out to her for such a life-changing job she has done for this entire community. MURAKOZE DIANA! Dancilla, Sector Leader

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